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Infiniti QX80 – a large car with a luxurious interior

Infiniti QX80 - a large car with a luxurious interior 1

Infiniti QX80 – a large car with a luxurious interior

Infiniti QX80 - a large car with a luxurious interior 2

Infiniti QX80 is a powerful, large car with a very luxurious interior, the decoration of which is present mostly wood and leather. Therefore, if you decide to buy a comfortable, respectable car, then the QX80 is hardly likely to find anything. The specified vehicle was developed on the basis of an equally popular model – Nissan Patrol. But, unlike Patrol, the car in question is equipped with a more powerful power unit, has large dimensions, the best option equipment.

Features of the bodywork Infiniti QX 80

When inspecting the body of the car in question, the original design of the front is noteworthy. The radiator grill is made in the form of bee honeycombs, the cells of which are finished with chrome. Front optics has a complex structure. Already in the basic configuration, the headlights are equipped with bi-xenon, LED running lights. Fog lights have chrome trim on the front bumper.

The front roof pillars have a pretty strong tilt for an SUV. But, such a design decision had a positive effect on both the appearance of the car and its aerodynamic characteristics. At the rear of the car, large-sized LED lights and a bumper trim attract attention.

Features of interior design Infiniti QX80

As mentioned above, the interior of the QX80 is finished in leather and wood. When buying an SUV, you can choose the skin color of graphite or wheat. Wood panels painted in dark Mocha Burl.

On the center console there are a large number of control keys divided into separate blocks. Therefore, despite the abundance of buttons, you can easily find the keys responsible for the operation of climate control equipment, a multimedia system, etc. Automatic transmission is controlled using a large washer.

Car seats, even in the basic configuration, are heated, can be adjusted in all possible directions. There is so much space between the seats of the first and second row that you can stretch your legs. Climate control is controlled both by the driver and the passengers in the back seat. In the cabin, it is possible to install a third row of seats, or use the free space as a trunk. In this case, its volume will be 3170 liters.

Features of technical equipment Infiniti QX80

QX80 has a weight of more than three tons, but, despite this, the car is able to accelerate to hundreds in just six and a half seconds. Such an impressive result is achieved due to the presence of a gasoline engine of 5.6 liters and an automatic 7-speed transmission. Fuel consumption in the city is 14 liters.


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