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Instrument cluster diagnostics

Instrument cluster diagnostics 1
Instrument cluster diagnostics

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Isuzu NQR90 & FSR90 (Full Air Brake)

If there is any doubt about the operability of any control and measuring element in the instrument panel (the speedometer needle trembles or the pressure or oil level lamp blinks for no apparent reason), then before you go deeper into repair globally, you can first conduct a self-test.

1. Self-diagnosis function
Check the condition of the segments of the odometer screen / daily mileage counter, the instrument cluster processor and the electrical circuits of individual instruments (speedometer, tachometer, fuel level sensor, coolant temperature and air pressure gauges).
1) Turn on the ignition while holding the select / reset button.
2) After at least 0.8 seconds, the select / reset button returns to the off position.
3) After turning on the ignition, set the select / reset button to the on and off position 3 times within 7 seconds.

1. Speedometer
2. Select / reset button
3. Odometer / odometer

4) Make sure all segments of the odometer display and mileage counter are on.

5) By pressing the select / reset button again, the instrument cluster will function as follows. When the button is set to the off position, the arrow of each pointer returns to zero, and the low fuel level warning lamp lights up.

• The arrow of each pointer deviates by 45 °.
• The low fuel warning lamp goes off.

6) The self-diagnosis mode can be canceled if any of the following conditions is met:

• Ignition off.
• A vehicle speed signal or a crankshaft speed signal is received.

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