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Is it harmful to raise the “wipers” while parking

Is it harmful to raise the "wipers" while parking 1

Is it harmful to raise the “wipers” while parking

In winter, all drivers are divided into two types. Some always, leaving the car during a snowfall, raise the “wipers”, while others do not. Both those and others consider their behavior correct. Which of them is actually doing the right thing?

To raise the “wipers” in the winter while the car was parked, car owners who considered themselves to be zealous owners came up with more than a dozen years ago. The argument here is simple: the raised wipers will not freeze to the windshield, snow and ice will not stick to them. Consequently, the rubber part of the “janitor” will not suffer during peeling off the windshield. In addition, the risk of disabling the entire wiper mechanism when trying to turn it on with frozen brushes is reduced. At first glance, everything is logical.

Is it harmful to raise the "wipers" while parking 2

However, the arguments against this practice look no less convincing. To begin with, let’s say that for a long time, and even more so regularly, to keep the leash of the wiper blades in a raised form is harmful for this node. From this, the spring in the leash is stretched and weakens, ensuring the “janitor” is pressed against the windshield. If you constantly leave it in a raised state, after a while it turns out that the brushes have become noticeably worse to remove water and dirt from the “lobovuhi”. And then do not be surprised why buying new “janitors” does not solve the problem of dirty glass – the root of the problem should be sought in the stretched springs of the leashes.

By the way, the danger of damage to the rubber of the brushes during the cleaning of glass from ice is greatly exaggerated. Much stronger and faster, the “rubber bands” wear out due to contact with sand and other abrasives flying from the road — they have to remove it from the windshield daily and in large quantities while the car is moving. It’s also a habit to raise “wipers” – of dubious rationality, because if they are at least three times clean, you still can’t use them while the windshield is covered with ice.

Like it or not, the driver will first have to clean it either by turning on the electric heating “lobovuhi”, if any, or by warming the motor and melting the ice with warm air from the “stove”. Note that having such energy resources at hand, even the tightly frozen “wipers” will not need to be torn off by force, they themselves will thaw along with the glass.

Well, for the most impatient – a hand scraper, and go ahead to clear it. A couple of minutes in this way can be saved..


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