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Is it safe to purchase a cleared car

Is it safe to purchase a cleared car 1

Is it safe to purchase a cleared car

Is it safe to purchase a cleared car

Our compatriots do not stop inventing various schemes?

Is it possible to buy an inexpensive customs-cleared car in Ukraine and ride it without legal or any other problems? Common sense dictates no.

But many Ukrainians still ask this question, attacked from all sides by advertisements from numerous “offices”, ready to cheaply and “with documents” drive a car “from Europe” or “from Lithuania without customs clearance”. And some “offices” even offer cars already in Ukraine, again “with documents”.
All of these proposals combine two common points. Firstly, non-cleared vehicles are offered, the presence of which on the territory of Ukraine is a violation of applicable law. Secondly, the prices of such cars are several times lower than their customs cleared counterparts. See also: Who and how in Ukraine “legalized” cleared cars?

The second circumstance outweighs the first among an increasing number of Ukrainians. The desire to buy “behu” in Lithuanian numbers at the price of “lanos” is much stronger than the fear that the dormant state will finally decide to hear the hysterical screams of auto importers and Ukrainian manufacturers who are protesting against cleared cars. Let’s try to figure out what the consumer’s benefit is, how you can buy a cleared car, and what risks this entails..

Non-cleared cars – price and choice in Ukraine

The number of companies and individuals associated with this business in Ukraine is already in the hundreds. The bulk of the proposed cars belong to the age category – from 10 years and older, that is, earlier than 2006-2007. Although there are offers of more recent cars. Most of the customs cleared cars come to Ukraine from Lithuania. Although there are many “Polish” cars. Among other countries, from where cleared cars come to us are Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and others.

The most popular German cars are prestigious brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Opel, Citroen, Renault and Volvo are also popular. Japanese and American cars are less common. Most often, cars are brought here that meet two key characteristics – “station wagon and diesel”. In other words, the cars most common in Europe. See also: How much will owners of cleared cars pay?

About pricing.

The average price of a Volkswagen Golf IV 2000-2003 model year with a diesel engine and manual gearbox in Europe is 1,500-2,000 euros. In Ukraine, such a cleared car will cost $ 5,000-8,000, depending on condition.
In Europe, the BMW 5 Series wagon with a 3-liter diesel engine and a 2000-2003 automatic machine costs an average of 3,000-4,000 euros. In Ukraine, a customs-cleared and wholly legal car will cost $ 8,000-10,000.
The family minivan Volkswagen Touran 2006-2008 produced with a gasoline engine and a manual gearbox will cost in Europe 5 000-6 000 euros. The same customs-cleared car in Ukraine costs $ 11,000-12,000.
Even taking into account the cost of the “drive” and documents (from 700 euros), the benefit is obvious.
Moreover, one can recall the prices at which Ukrainians are offered to buy cars of Ukrainian production. For example, ZAZ Sens is in the initial configuration 179 thousand UAH (about $ 7,000), and ZAZ Forza – 260 thousand UAH (about $ 10,000).


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