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Is the car stuck in the snow?

Is the car stuck in the snow? 1

Car stuck in the snow?

The increased revolutions of the cold engine, supported by a “suction” or “injector”, will prevent the pulling forces from starting on a slippery road. The main rule is to keep the steering wheel in the direction of travel and move in tightness.

1. To move a car stuck in the snow, sometimes it’s enough to just go out and push the snow out from under the wheels. Having the slightest opportunity for overclocking, you can continue the path.

2. If you feel that the car is starting to slip, stop and try to go in the opposite direction. Slowly and little by little, you will be able to roll a rut, which will give you a place to disperse and overcome the snow barrier.

3. To increase traction at the moment of starting under the driving wheels, you can put corrugated floor mats from the passenger compartment. Just remember to come back for them when the car gets out of the trap..

4. To facilitate subsequent starting, stopping in the snow, you can not slow down sharply – then the tires do not form a smooth path underneath, moreover, the wheels under the inertia of the car will not get stuck in uncompressed snow.

5. If you have a car with automatic transmission, then you can’t skid for a long time in one place. Try to go ‘swinging’, remember the position of the selector R and D, so that you can quickly and without looking to switch between these modes. If there are so-called fixed steps ‘1, 2, 3’, then swing in R and 2. And remember – you can’t give a lot of gas in the snow, you need to press the gas pedal very smoothly and lightly.

6. In the winter, it is useful to carry a wide janitorial shovel with you. It is more effective than sapper, folding and other blades..

7. If you are unable to leave the snow captivity on your own, you will have to ask for help. It’s safer to ask passers-by to “push” your car. Remember that it will be easier to drive out if you work properly with the clutch. You need to leave “to the buildup”, so that the car swings forward, backward. To do this, alternate the clutch – gas.

8. If you are towed on a cable, the main thing is not to rush and do everything smoothly, especially for the car that will rescue you. If your car is not new for a long time, first check the reliability of fastening the eyelets for the cable. Engage first gear and start moving at the moment when the cable begins to stretch. Be very careful.


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