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Is this a bad car service?

Is this a bad car service? 1

Without keyword

Car service customers are not stupid …

What do you think a potential customer of a car service sees before he appears in a repair box and asks questions about repairing his car? And he sees that in front of the gates of the car service there are sadly car dead who are covered with many days of snow:

Is this a bad car service? 2

Is this a bad car service? 3

And having seen such a large number of immobilized cars, the client can change his mind and turn to this car service. Or he will go inside, but his voice will become less enthusiastic. And in his head a mean little thought will spin, that if there are so many dead cars in front of the gate, this is a bad car service.

A car mechanic or auto-diagnostics, confused by work, won’t even think about such a trifle, well, he won’t explain to each client that all cars in front of the gates are …

And let’s ask and close this question once and for all.

We will ask Alexey Nitochkin, before whose box all these cars shown at the beginning of the article were photographed.

Is this a bad car service? 4

Well, I wonder what will answer, is not it? Why the hell so many cars are dead weight in front of his box? Why is it worth it? Cannot repair or for other reasons.?
So, now Alexey Viktorovich will say, the recording was made on a voice recorder.

Funny typewriter Ford F250 …

Is this a bad car service? 5

They brought her to us, to hell from where, from another region on a tow truck: “Does not go”.
Auto starts only with a pinched “return”. Doesn’t pick up speed, smokes like a real engine.

Diagnosed and found that all injectors are dead.
They informed the client. But neither he nor we thought that acquiring new nozzles was a big problem. The owner of the car ran and ran, did not find new nozzles, but ordered and purchased a kit from somewhere, all 8 nozzles.
Everything, of course, was delighted, they say, now we put the nozzles and you leave.
There it was! Of the eight nozzles purchased, only 2 were working.

The car is standing again. But the client does not calm down, well done: I ordered nozzles in distant America. Time is running. Finally, disappointing news came, saying that in connection with the sectoral sanctions imposed by America on Russia, the purchase of nozzles was refused – and the money was returned.

This was incomprehensible! Any such sanctions against the owner of this car? He is not the owner of a bank working for our defense industry, he is a simple person. These are the sanctions, it turns out.

But the client was stubborn: he found contact in Canada, wrote, sent the money, was glad to answer: “These sanctions do not concern us, the business itself is important to us – your nozzles were packed, sent, the tracker is such and such …”.

But alas, ah: as soon as the parcel crossed the border of Russia, the tracker (tracking the parcel) stopped making its way. The car, then, again stands in the snow, waiting in the wings.

Another car, Land Rover:

Is this a bad car service? 6

After the diagnosis, it was found that the car will not start – the starter does not turn on. After a detailed study of the problem, it was found out that the problem was in the alarm that was sitting on the CAN bus: something went wrong in the signaling system, they didn’t deal with it, we didn’t deal with it, they just turned it off, dismantled it, restored communication with the motor, but the car did not start again.
What, deep electronics?

No, mechanics: after a subsequent study of the problem, it was found out that the recently installed motor on the machine was contractual, and his tags were knocked down. Motor replacement and repair is not our profile, now we are waiting for the client to pick up the car to repair or restore the motor.

Next: Mercedes E210 2000 release.

Is this a bad car service? 7

Diesel, 2.2 liters and still on the old fuel system EDK15. Dragged because of “Not going.” But in fact, the car barely starts, does not develop above the 2000s and smokes like a military steam locomotive knocked out by a shell.

Conducted diagnostics, found out that there was a “jump” timing chain.
They handed it to the minder, he is doing it with us, and in the process of opening, an amazing thing was discovered: the seats on the nozzles in the head are hollow, which is higher, which is lower, that is, the nozzles will not stand up correctly and will not work properly.

Together with replacing the timing drive, we decided to replace the block head itself.
And by car, before our repair, the nozzles were repaired … does not suggest any thoughts?
Our minder did his job, assembled, the engine worked, the car began to smoke less, but the smoke remained, unpleasant, yes.
They began to dig and found more “on the little things”: a faulty air gauge … jammed EGR … eliminated! And the motor got out of the accident, but continued to smoke, the infection.
The owner of the car decided to make a test trip, but with joy drove very energetically.

The customer’s motor pleased, rode so merrily, the tires rustle, the wind is noisy!
And after two kilometers the motor seemed to stumble, then made a loud BA-BAH. and all the oil poured out of it. We looked offhand: the connecting rod of the fourth cylinder sticks out in the pan. It’s too early to draw final conclusions, but I think that events developed in this way: the injectors were being repaired in one notorious car service center … one or more could pour godlessly and, probably, the piston was stupidly fused.

It is possible that like this:

Is this a bad car service? 8

This is one of the pistons on the Peugeot, which is also still under repair. By the way, a big-big article is written on this typewriter, as soon as we finish the car to the bitter end – I will add the article and send it to your court.

And finally, the Mitsubishi Fuso truck.

Is this a bad car service? 9

This car is with us … for the third week! The owners turned out to be specialists and began to remove the high-pressure fuel pumps themselves, most likely they wanted to reduce the cost of repairs in this way.

But they didn’t guess: desires do not always coincide with capabilities, and even more so with experience – they “incidentally” spoiled the receiver from the high-pressure fuel pump. And now they’ve been trying to buy it for the third week, since on order – only after three months.

These are our troubles, such is the fun waiting for parts.

Let me remind the reader that this tour for us was conducted by Nitochkin Alexei Viktorovich:
tel. 8 916 279 3114, Elektrostal, Prospect Mira, d. 27-a, building of an auto technical center, “Auto Technical Center Good Hands”, Union of Automotive Diagnostics.

Well, we concluded?
So now, when you come to a car service and you see many, many cars in the dead or dying state in front of the gate, don’t think that the car service workers are to blame.

P.S. Sometimes, of course, it’s quite different. But this is a topic for another article..
Thanks for attention,-

Kucher Vladimir Petrovich
© Legion Avtodata


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