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Isuzu engines with DPD system

Isuzu engines with DPD system 1

Without keyword

DPD system – Isuzu vehicle exhaust emission analysis system

DPD system

The original description of the system is given on the Internet resource of the company ISUZU Ltd.

Diesel Particulate Defuser (DPD)

Cutting-edge aftertreatment of emissions.

DPD is a regenerating after-treatment device that collects particulate matter emitted from the engine by means of a ceramic filter and efficiently burns PM using the precise fuel injection of the electronic control common-rail system and original ISUZU emission temperature control with emission throttles. ISUZU is meeting the new long-term emission control regulations and aggressively addressing development as one of the aftertreatment devices in conjunction with engines.

Isuzu engines with DPD system 2

The literal translation of this description does not pretend to be original, but it sounds something like this: DPD is a regenerating device designed to select solid particles from the exhaust gases of an engine using a ceramic filter and efficiently burn these particles.

Isuzu engines with DPD system 3
Isuzu engines with DPD system 4

Let’s take a look at the DPD system using the example of an Isuzu Elf car with a Smutter G robotic gearbox (also quite interesting and, I’m not afraid of that word, a BOLD solution for truck transmission), year of manufacture 2004, ICE 4HL1.

The DPD system diffuser is located on the vehicle as part of the exhaust system in front of the last “silencer” and consists of the following device:

One of the silencer elements measuring approximately 80 cm long and 30 cm in diameter, consists of three collapsible elements:

2. diesel particulate filter

3. diesel particulate filter cover

The whole device is collapsible, in connection with which it seems very convenient for further repairs.

Isuzu engines with DPD system 5

DPD system diffuser

Isuzu engines with DPD system 6


Isuzu engines with DPD system 7

Isuzu engines with DPD system 8

Isuzu engines with DPD system 9

Particulate ceramic filter

-one of several reasons for the emergency condition of this car, for example, the lack of acceleration dynamics, limiting engine power by 30-40% (fuel supply), gray smoke, etc..

Self-diagnosis system unlike the DTC of the TECH-2 scanner, it will issue a flash code 131, which has the same interpretation of this malfunction (indicated in the photo).

Let’s move on to a journey into the fascinating world of the Isuzu DPD system.

Important constituent parts of the diffuser are also:

metal tubes supply of rarefaction of air which provide information DDD – differential pressure sensor about the state of rarefaction in the internal cavity of the DPD, at two points. When disassembling the diffuser and inspecting the pipes, it must be ensured that the junction of the diffuser and these pipes, as well as the pipes themselves, are not clogged with exhaust gas products.

DDD – differential pressure sensor, It is located on the frame of the car directly above the diffuser, the functionality of which, I think, is easy to imagine according to the original DPD system diagram above, whose parameter in Date Stream varies from 0.35 volts to 1 volt depending on the internal combustion engine used.

600 rpm XX 2500 rpm 3000
Voltage 0.96 0.98 1.12 1.27

DTC 0470 or Flash Code 47

And the last part of the DPD system is temperature sensors exhaust emissions, one of the most expensive parts of the system, as it works directly in an aggressive environment of exhaust gases (moreover, there are two parts, one at the inlet, the second in the middle). No weak spots have been identified.

Isuzu engines with DPD system 10
Isuzu engines with DPD system 11

Some components of this system:

Isuzu engines with DPD system 12
Isuzu engines with DPD system 13
Isuzu engines with DPD system 14
Isuzu engines with DPD system 15
Isuzu engines with DPD system 16
Isuzu engines with DPD system 17

Well, what are the weaknesses of this system?

But they actually do not exist, with the exception of the usual misunderstanding and ignorance of the system, both from the side of the “drivers” and from SOME repairmen – “… scrap and hammer workers, romantics of the big road …)))))

When the system lamp with logo lights up DPD (DPF, DPR on other car brands) you must stop the car, park in any convenient place and put the car on the hand (parking) brake, press the button with the same name, hold it for 3-5 seconds and then release it.

The DPD lamp will turn on, the car will increase engine speed to 900 rpm, the heating machine will turn on (in the common people Gornyak), the catalyst will start heating and the regeneration mode or cleaning of the DPD system diffuser will begin (procedure time is about 20-40 minutes!). Regeneration mode is disabled itself after the end of the procedure, and all the symbols on the panel that light up during the regeneration will go out. Now you can continue to operate the car.

– It is impossible to carry out regeneration indoors, near residential buildings and premises, with a mass concentration of people (animals …))))

– Do not carry out any actions with the car during regeneration. In particular, the inclusion of any modes, pressing the gas pedals (brakes) and other actions to avoid failure and cancellation of the procedure

– It is impossible to remove (or put) a car on a manual brake at the time of regeneration in order to avoid a procedure failure

– Do not interrupt the regeneration process (turn off the car)

And last, as the classic diesel engine in our region said Kuzakov Vladimir Anatolyevich, “… in the malfunctions of these systems, you need to look not only for the malfunction itself as a result, but rather, the root cause of the malfunction …” But this is a completely different story, friends …


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