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Isuzu Free Clutch System

Isuzu Free Clutch System 1

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Diagnostics, tuning, repair

In 1959, the first Isuzu ELF was launched..
In 2001, the Dual Mode MT system was installed on trucks of this brand, allowing you to get off without using a clutch.

Isuzu Free Clutch System 2

The Dual Mode system (“dual mode”, acceleration) allows you to control the car both with and without a clutch: on the instrument panel there is a button by pressing which you can shift gears without using a clutch – and vice versa. The control panel is shown below:

On Isuzu Elf 2000-2004 vehicles equipped with the Dual Mode system, after replacing the clutch elements, such as a flywheel, basket or clutch disc, adaptation and subsequent training of the system is required.

After installing a new clutch kit or flywheel, the amount of clutch wear that is monitored by the clutch stroke sensor (mounted on the release bearing fork) changes.

After repair and installation of the gearbox, the malfunction indicator starts blinking and, accordingly, the CFS and HSA systems (anti-recoil brake system) stop working.

As a result, DTCs appear: 8 (Clutch stroke sensor signal error) and 86 (Actuator hydraulic switch signal error). These errors are due to the fact that the fork of the release bearing has a sensor that determines the amount of clutch wear. When replacing the release bearing, if you do not change the flywheel, clutch disc or “basket”, adaptation is not required. In all other cases – required.

In the scanner menu, pay attention to p. 8 (clutch travel sensor), p. 48 (clutch position 1) and p. 49 (clutch position 2) with the clutch pedal released and fully survived.

Let’s look carefully at the description of each error:

DTC 08 – “Clutch stroke sensor signal error”
• Failed clutch stroke sensor
• Disconnected wire or short circuit of wiring between the clutch stroke sensor and control unit
• Improper clutch stroke sensor and link fixing position, deformation of bracket
• Improper learning process of Clutch Free clutch torque point position
• Failed clutch pressure plate, release bearing, or clutch shift fork

DTC 86 – “Actuator hydraulic switch signal error”
• Faulty actuator hydraulic switch
• Disconnected wire or short circuit of the actuator hydraulic switch wiring harness
• Insufficient air bleeding or oil leakage from hydraulic piping
• Torque point position learning “has not been performed or has not been correctly

You probably also noticed that in the description of one and the other errors there is a common:
DTC 08: “Improper learning process of Clutch Free clutch torque point position”
DTC 86: “Torque point position learning” has not been performed or has not been correctly completed “

This means that after removing and reinstalling the clutch on the vehicle, the required training procedures were not carried out. This is what we’ll talk about.

First, let’s take a look at the CFS (Clutch Free System) system diagram:

The system is controlled by the CFS control unit, here is its appearance:

Isuzu Free Clutch System 3

Connectors, appearance:

To troubleshoot DTC 08 and 86, you must complete:
1. Gear training
2. Clutch disc adaptation
3. Training Clutch Free System
4. Training “half-engaged clutch” (in two ways)

Gear learning process
(before training, it is necessary to raise (pull) the “handbrake” with one click, so that you can freely manipulate the gears, be sure to create a vacuum in the brake system)

1) Short-circuit pins 11 and 4 of OBD2 diagnostic connector

2) Put the machine on the handbrake (make sure that the handbrake lamp is lit on the instrument panel), turn off the CFS key.
3) Turn on the ignition, but do not start – wait until the Check engine lamp goes out, do not press the pedal accelerator.
4) Press the Reset НSA key (HSA – indicator of the operation of the lift-off assist system), make sure that the CFS & НSA lamps start to blink and the beeper beeps, which means that training has begun.
5) We shift the gear lever to the R position for more than 1 second and to the 5th gear position for more than 1 second – squeeze the clutch and insert each gear according to the above scheme (hold each selected gear for at least one second) – then return the gear lever to neutral position.
6) If the buzzer signal is turned off – gear selection training is completed.
7) Turn off the ignition and remove the jumper from the OBD2 diagnostic connector.

Before further training the clutch disc wear should be changed to 100% (when replacing a disc, basket or flywheel).
1) Short-circuit pins 11 and 4 of OBD2 diagnostic connector
2) Install the machine on the handbrake
3) Turn on the ignition
4) When the Check Ingine lamp goes off and the buzzer sounds PIP.
5) Press the brake pedal at least five times within three seconds – the buzzer will sound PIP, and the clutch value will automatically return to the factory settings of 8.90 mm – 100%

How to adapt the clutch disc
– install a wire jumper in the diagnostic connector and short-circuit pins 5 and 11

Isuzu Free Clutch System 4

– turn on the ignition
– after the “CHECK” light goes out and the buzzer sounds, you must press the brake pedal at least 5 times (this reduces the amount of clutch wear by 100% – 8.86 mm).

Clutch Free System Training
Before removing the gearbox and before starting to set up the Clutch Free System, make sure that all sensors on the gearbox are operational and in good condition:
– neutral sensor
– reverse sensor
– left gearbox motion sensor – A 4-5-6 (p. 35 on the scanner display)
– the gearbox lever motion sensor to the right – B R-1 / 4-5 (p. 41 on the scanner display)
– be sure to check the recognition of the included gears (p. 46 on the scanner display)

Please note that prior to training, each transmission must be correctly displayed on the scanner display.!

To train a 5-speed gearbox, you need to train the gears in this way:
R – 5 – squeeze the clutch – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – neutral. Training completed.

Half-Clutch Training (“User Method”)
It is carried out after training of transfers.
Be sure to close the doors..
· Warm up the engine
· Disable AC
· Put the car on the handbrake
· Set the CFS key to OFF
· Press and hold the brake pedal
Squeeze grip
· Engage second gear
· Press the Reset НSA key (the buzzer beeps, the HSA & CFS lamps blink – training has begun)
· Release the clutch pedal slowly until the engine speed drops by 50-60 rpm – at this moment press the Adjust key (slow or fast)
Buzzer stops beeping
Squeeze grip
· Return the gear knob to neutral
· After five seconds, remove the jumper from the OBD2 diagnostic connector.

Half-Clutch Training (Dealer way)
Be sure to.
· Doors are closed
· Engine warmed up
AC is off
· Handbrake extended
CFS ON key
· Engine started
· Depress the brake pedal
· Press the Reset key (lamps blink – learning has begun)
CFS buzzing sound is heard
Wait for the solenoid to stop humming
· Engage second gear
· After some time, the engine speed drops slightly and again rises to 575 rpm; after a few seconds they fall again (slightly) and then again 575 rpm
· Lamps stop blinking and just constantly burn
· Training completed
· Set to neutral
· Wait 15 seconds
Turn off the engine
· Wait 5 seconds
· Pull out the jumper from the OBD2 diagnostic connector
· Training completed

I want to draw your attention to some features without which training may not take place. To do this, I will once again show the general scheme:

Pay attention to how many sources (trailer) CFS control unit receives information. Why he said: if during the training (adaptation) you don’t have the doors closed (or the doors are closed, and the end switches work out incorrectly and “tell” the CFS unit that they are not closed), or some other end switches will work out incorrectly , then the adaptation will not take place. Therefore, before performing training / adaptation, carefully study the location of all the limit switches and their performance, for example:

All the described training procedures allow to eliminate errors 08 and 86. However, why so many questions arise, why training may not occur?

The fact is that there are still some subtleties that I will discuss in future articles.


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