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Jaguar e-type

Jaguar e-type 1

Jaguar e-type

Jaguar e-type 2

This sport car at first sight impresses with its elegant appearance and charm. In this model, the dynamics of racing cars, the comfort of prim British sedans merged together. The developers Malcolm Sayer and William Haynes worked on the creation of this model for three years and only in 1961 in Geneva it was officially presented to the world public, replacing the previously released and no less popular “HC” version.

Style, swiftness and attractive design made this car a kind of symbol of the beginning of 60 in the UK. An elongated hood, successfully emphasized by ascending swift lines enveloping the muscular sides of the model, such a design and appearance could not leave this model without public attention. In addition to its impeccable appearance, the machine also had the latest technical characteristics, combined with stunning dynamic qualities. So acceleration to hundreds took only 7 seconds, and the total power of the engine under the hood was 265 horsepower with a volume of 3.5 liters, and all this with a fairly affordable cost, which is worth noting, was 1.5 times lower than that of Ferrari models , although technically the Jaguar E-Type model was not inferior to a competitor in anything, but on the contrary, surpassed it in terms of efficiency. The issue was produced in two versions, both of which were two local: a rodser and a fastback.

The popularity of the model grew by leaps and bounds, and already in 1963, due to increased model sales in the USA, developers decided to create a new power unit, less powerful, but more economical with a volume of 2.8 and a capacity of 230 horsepower ) This was necessary in order for the car to meet all fairly stringent environmental standards in America..

The car interior, as mentioned earlier, was designed for only two passengers, the luggage compartment is still quite modest. This model was created for the pleasure of traveling together, as the developers said about it. Leather seats, dashboard trimmed with aluminum and wood.

From a technical point of view, the model became the owner of a rigid, sturdy frame, an independent rear suspension, brake discs torn towards the main transmission, with the resulting excellent vehicle handling.

1964, the year when the previously outgoing power unit was replaced by a more powerful 4.4 liter 280 powerful engine, paired with a synchronized mechanical transmission, in addition, the car received updated headlights and small changes that affected the car interior.

In 1975, the last hundred cars left the assembly line, all in all 72 thousand cars were released.


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