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Jaguar F-Type R – among the leaders in turbocharging

Jaguar F-Type R - among the leaders in turbocharging 1

Jaguar F-Type R – among the leaders in turbocharging

Jaguar F-Type R - among the leaders in turbocharging 2

The leader of the ratings has 8 cylinders, while his slightly less popular fellow with 6 cylinders and turbocharged lagged a bit. It gives a capacity of 337 liters. sec., and in the 6-cylinder version, power has already reached 376 liters. with., and in the version of the sports type on 8 cylinders rises altogether to 542 liters. from. And all this would hardly have been possible, but Jaguar engineers managed to achieve 80% torsional stiffness improvement in this model, although this seems frankly incredible. It turned out with the help of a rigidly fixed aluminum roof. Additional metal structures were also used, which as a whole turned the Jaguar F-Type essentially into a monoblock. In practice, this means that the model has become even more suitable for driving, weight rates at the front and rear have further improved the dynamics of movement. The new coupe has become more accurate in movement, more controlled and maneuverable than the convertible with which it is compared..

Actually the coupe has a reasonable size, is entirely made of aluminum, the engine is located in front. In general, all together can be put on a par with the BMW third series. Many components, according to observers, Jaguar tore from its rival – XE in its third series of models.

The maximum officially declared speed is 300 km / h, and up to 100 km / h the car can accelerate in 4 seconds! An engine with a volume of 5 liters and with wheels with a diameter of 20 inches requires steel and very large brakes. Of the additional options that may be of interest, we can mention the carbon-ceramic block of tires, and forged lightweight wheels. Moreover, we note that even at the maximum speed, this coupe fully retains its phenomenal handling and stability, the spoiler confidently lifts the car from behind. The torque is specially designed so that it is easy to keep the car on a real, and not a polygon track to maximum speed, and keep it in this mode. When driving, there is a feeling that the car is heading on its own, even in a bend.

If you want to try the risky race mode, you need to keep the Dynamic stability mode. It will allow you to withstand high speed constantly, but avoid oversteer, which will need to be fought. Yes, in fact, you can turn off absolutely everything – and fully experience the fantastic power of drifts and turns with such engine power.


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