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Japanese reliability

Japanese reliability 1

Japanese reliability

Without keyword

Who has not heard the phrase that Japanese cars are the best in the world? Or didn’t read in any forum (if you have access to the Internet) – the “right” machines are the best in the world. What does the best mean? Do not break? Due to their design do not injure their owners? Maybe, but let’s take a closer look. The usual “Toyota Mark – II.” Raise his hood. And make sure that the hydraulic stops support this hood. Is it fashionable, comfortable? When in the cold these stops do not stand up and the open hood “swells” to its place on a grand scale, that is, it closes normally, but unexpectedly. What will suffer in this case, the head of the car owner, his fingers, the equipment installed for the diagnosis, or something else is not known. What is the advantage of hydraulic stops? Wasn’t it possible to establish a reclining emphasis on all unstable “Marks” and “Crowns” near an unreliable hydraulic one, as was done, for example, in Nissan Maxima cars? But – alas, this is not, and, therefore, the company “Toyota” regularly addresses profanity from all the “victims of the hood.” You can say that you yourself do not open the hood of your car. Well, who opens the driver’s door for you? Try opening the driver’s door, for example, the Mazda MPV. The door handles of this model are designed so that when you open the right driver’s door with your right hand, it’s possible not to pinch your little finger. Of course, unless specifically “loaded” with this thought. It’s the same with the left door, and you need to open it with your left hand to remember all the same profanity. Otherwise, even the stiffened skin on the hands will not save. The little finger will be clamped. And if you are a girl of a fragile constitution? Impressions after opening the doors will be enough for you for a long time. There is only one way out of this situation. Approaching the car, think over your actions, simultaneously recalling the designers of the Mazda company. At one time, my friend, before I was going to sit in the Zhiguli for the first time, told me: “Just take your time, think over your actions and do everything slowly.” Well, this is a Zhiguli, in which to “bow” your head to the counter is a common thing. Well, that’s how they cost nothing and do not claim to be anything. And here, it turns out, a Japanese foreign car can cause injury. One needs only a little distraction. Not cool, it’s somehow for lawmakers of automobile fashion.

And now for reliability. Suppose you are lucky in this life, you have a Toyota Land Cruiser in a hundredth body and, as it happens, you call at the sink, where compassionate servicemen offer to add branded liquid for washing glass to the tank for free. And what, you have a hope that these servicemen under the hood of your miracle of Japanese engineering will choose the right tank, of which there is not measured? And do not flush liquid for washing glasses in the tank of the ANS system, which controls the stiffness of shock absorbers? What will become to you in 5 thousand. Not our money. But the first commandment when creating any technical device is that it could not be incapacitated accidentally, from “good intentions.” And here is such a blunder. Do you think that the cases when the owners of the Cruisers paid “crazy” money for getting water into the ANS system are isolated? Unfortunately not. This will be confirmed to you in any company workshop servicing these luxury SUVs, where the unfortunate Cruisers, who mistakenly poured water into the supply tank of the ANS system, fall into it. And all this disgrace happens with the “top” model of Toyota.!

You can also give examples of “mistakes” made by the designers of the Japanese “iron”. But the conclusion from all this is very sad. As one of the literary characters said, it’s true, for another reason, there is no perfection in the world.


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