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Jeep geely emgrand, sedan and hatchback geely emgrand

Jeep geely emgrand, sedan and hatchback geely emgrand 1

Jeep geely emgrand – features, reviews, specifications

Jeep geely emgrand, sedan and hatchback geely emgrand 2

Chinese cars: Geely Emgrand jeep, sedan and hatchback Geely Emgrand Es 7 and Es8

The Japanese were the first to decide on the idea of ​​creating sub-brands. I must say that this is a brilliant and simple solution, according to which the best quality cars with a “clean” image are produced at the car market. As a result, the first “swallow” of the Chinese auto industry was the Geely Emgrand Es 7 car, and behind it appeared the car Geely Emgrand Es8.

In most cases, owners write positive reviews about Geely Emgrand, many like the ergonomics of the controls, the comfort of the front row seats, a good build, and the predominance of light colors in the interior design. The owners consider the steering wheel adjustment an advantage, but nevertheless, the adjustment range is insufficient. The downside, according to motorists, is the cabin plastic, which rattles while driving, as well as the grayish numbers on the instrument scales, which is why they are not visible during the day.

Technical characteristics of the Geely Emgrand Es7 got good, it is driven by a 127-horsepower 1.8-liter gasoline engine, it is characterized by good traction from the bottom. There is another less powerful version of this model, which is equipped with a 1.5-liter engine producing 98 hp. It should be emphasized that in the Russian market both motors are aggregated with a five-speed manual gearbox, while a variator is also offered for other markets. The outstanding technical characteristics of the Geely Emgrand Es 7 car allow you to demonstrate excellent traction and quite decent dynamics, although if the engine spins up to more than 5 thousand rpm, then immediately there is increased vibration and noise, which is why experts believe that the fate of this cars, like the cars of Geely Emgrand Es8 are quiet driving modes. Thanks to the energy-intensive suspension (independent front – MacPherson struts, rear – semi-independent with a beam), the Geely Emgrand EC 7 car allows you to comfortably move on our bad roads. But according to the owner’s reviews of Geely Emgrand, the back of the coin was the cotton steering, noticeable rolls in the corners and the fact that the car does not hold the trajectory well. In general, this vehicle has a measured and calm ride without too abrupt changes and active acceleration, it’s just a great family car that fully meets this characteristic.

Of great interest to motorists is the jeep Geely Emgrand – Geely Emgrand X7. He received a high clearance of 175 mm, a wheelbase of 2661 mm, a total length of 4541 mm, which proves that he can quite move both on city roads and off-road, without noticeable differences in movement.

The Chinese manufacturer has well thought out the Geely Emgrand X7 car chassis, so in a straight line it moves stably, but does not twitch on overtaking. Shock absorbers help smoothly overcome bumps in this vehicle, although the X7 suspension was stiff, which is typical of all SUVs.

The Geely Emgrand X7 jeep is equipped with 16-valve engines with a capacity of 127, 158 and 139 “horses”, but in the urban cycle their gas mileage is not so big is from 9 to 10 liters. Together with the engines, a 6-speed “automatic” or manual gearbox is installed.

Excellent dynamics, soft suspension, because of which the jeep behaves quite calmly on any road, excellent noise insulation of the cabin and thoughtful steering along with a relatively low price make the Geely Emgrand X7 car very attractive for many motorists.


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