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Jeep geely

Jeep geely 1

Jeep Geely Emgrand X7 – description, design, specifications

Jeep geely 2

Chinese Jeep Geely X7 and its features

The Chinese Geely Emgrand X7 jeep was created based on the plans of the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, which is why the ego exterior looks stylish and perfect. This all-terrain vehicle does not have any supernova equipment, everything is correct and very simple in it.

This vehicle is not for nothing called an SUV, because from the manufacturer it received a clearance of 175 mm high, so neither Russian roads, nor city curbs, nor the poor quality of the road surface have an effect on the car’s passability.

The new Jeep X7 Jeep has a very good-natured appearance, it is immediately noticeable that it has its own solidity and a wide look. The doors are also solid, equipped with large windows, this contributes to a comfortable and wide view for the driver and passengers. The roof got a wide rear pillar. The appearance of the car Emgrand X7 17-inch wheels.

The cabin is spacious, the back row offers additional space for passengers. The trunk of 580 liters can also be called roomy. Already in the standard configuration, the Jeep Jillie X7 is equipped with a package of electronic equipment and air conditioning, it is this equipment that provides ride comfort.

The safety of the car Jillie Emgrand X7 is at a high level, which confirms the crash test C-NAP, in which this SUV was awarded the rating “5+”. EBD, ABS and airbags are responsible for its safety..

In motion, the Geely jeep behaves relatively calmly, this is due to the soft suspension, thoughtful steering, excellent dynamics and good soundproofing of the cabin. In a straight line, this car drives steadily;.

The manufacturer installs three engines with a capacity of 158, 139 and 127 hp on the car of Geely Emgrand X7, they consume up to 10 liters of gasoline in the city. To save fuel, all motors received a variable valve timing system. In tandem with motors, a 6-speed automatic transmission or “mechanics” can work.

To summarize all of the above, it can be noted that this Chinese jeep is really worth attention and has many positive qualities, which explains its high demand in the market.


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