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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 1

This legendary 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 2

For many decades, cars of this brand have rightfully been considered the brightest representatives and ancestors of all SUVs, winning the hearts of motorists around the world. But, despite this, for a long time the car remained, in spite of the title “winner of the roads”, a kind of simpleton, although it was considered one of the premium crossovers.

When you watch video reviews with these cars, you will personally receive proof of the above..

And so, in two thousand fourteen, the manufacturer introduced a completely new and updated version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

When you look at this car, you are inevitably amazed at what incredible efforts the developers put into its modernization. The appearance of the car speaks for itself – it feels power and seriousness.

The car is equipped with LED head optics, a stylish wide bumper and a branded radiator grille.

It is filled with all the modern technological innovations and now it can look into the “turns”, and the hidden washer will quickly wash away any dirt from the headlights. It has a Smartbim system which is used to automate the mode of switching the head light.

Designers of the car on the one hand retained many family values ​​in it, and on the other gave it such features as modernity, accuracy and unusual softness.

.When looking at the salon, it also becomes clear that it has undergone significant changes, becoming even more technological and attractive. It looks very luxurious, upholstered in high quality and expensive leather, the steering wheel of the car is multifunctional, the dashboard of the car is very impressive, presented in the form of a solid display that allows you to control absolutely all car systems.

The “heart” of the Cherokee jeep has also changed. It installed a completely new transmission, to the development of which engineers of the ZF company were involved, as well as two fairly powerful engines.

A potential buyer is offered a three-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of two hundred and forty-one horsepower and a gasoline engine (atmospheric, 3.6 liter volume, power – two hundred eighty-six horsepower).

Also, if desired, a more powerful HEMI V8 6.4 engine can be installed on Cherokee, which will increase the car’s power to four hundred sixty-eight horsepower.

This is what this complicated and very interesting car looks like, which will easily plug into the belt of any of its competitors.


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