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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2016

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2016 1

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2016 – minimum changes!

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2016 2

Occasionally, manufacturers release supposedly updated models, but an ordinary passerby will not be able to distinguish them from the previous generation, since there are practically no changes. This time, the Grand Cherokee SRT, which belongs to the 2016 model line, received more internal changes, and especially technical ones, there is an introduction, program management. It is for this reason that the developers boldly called it new, in fact, most owners of the past generation will be able to do without these subtleties, because all the juice is under the hood of the car, and the rest is just unnecessary toys. Why unnecessary? And because only a small percentage of users of this miracle of technology will really experience it outside the city, the rest will only need basic functionality, that’s the whole secret.

The engine, as always, is simply monstrous. Atmosphere, having 6.4 liters of volume, gives rise to 475 horses, at first glance, it was possible to give out much more, but looking at the dynamics, there is only one thing to be said – there would be more, people would simply crash into these cars. Obviously, the torque had to be huge, and such it is – 636 Nm. The acceleration results of this large and very heavy SUV are similar to those of charged sedans, which are much lighter. You will be able to see a hundred on the speedometer in 4.8 seconds, and the maximum, surprisingly, stepped over the standard bar for cars from Europe, although it came close – 257 km / h. In general, we can say that chasing the streets, you will be able to choose anyone as your rivals. The developers paid quite a lot of attention to the drive control system, about 7 programs that will suit different situations, but, again, not many people will use it all. There is also a special system that will make the engine weaker, will allow it to be held more tightly on the road, and in general, will give a chance to enjoy riding this beast, as if in the hands of the driver is an ordinary obedient mid-range crossover.

Inside the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is also updated, albeit not globally. The first thing that catches your eye is the tachometer in the center, as well as a new display, henceforth having a diagonal of 7 inches. But for the rest, the model will retain its appearance and its skills, so you only have to wait for one thing – price indications for all the above innovations. This is how manufacturers famously update their designs.


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