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Key programmer for Nissan and Infiniti

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Quick Overview:

Key programmer for Nissan and Infinity  using for add key, learn new key if all keys lost and for emergency start.key prigrammer nissan


Key programmer for Nissan and Infiniti cars

– Nissan Altima Intelligent Key 2013+
– Nissan Juke Intelligent Key 2013+
– Nissan Pathfinder Intelligent Key 2013+
– Nissan Pulsar Intelligent Key 2014+
– Nissan Rogue Intelligent Key 2014+
– Nissan Qashqai Intelligent Key 2014+
– Nissan X-Trail Intelligent Key 2014+
– Nissan Maxima Intelligent Key 2016+
– Nissan Murano Intelligent Key 2015+
– Infiniti JX35 Intelligent Key 2013+
– Infiniti Q50 Intelligent Key 2014+
– Infiniti QX50 Intelligent Key 2014+
– Infiniti QX60 Intelligent Key 2014+

How the Nissan/Infinity key programmer work:

Keys count selection (1 to 4 keys can be learned):
– All SW to OFF – 1 key will be learned
– SW1 ON – 1 key
– SW2 ON – 2 keys
– SW3 ON – 3 keys
– SW4 ON – 4 keys
– SW5 ON – 4 keys
– SW6 ON – 4 keys
– SW7 ON – 4 keys
– SW8 ON – 4 keys
NOTE: Highest selected SW is taken into account e.g. if SW1 and SW3 are ON – 3 keys should be learned

Nissan device LED states:

1. At startup the LED blinks slowly 3 times – this means that the hardware test passed OK
2. Alternate LED green/red – the device is working
3. Fast blink GREEN -> press START (and hold if necessary) to turn IGNITION ON
4. Fast blink RED -> press START with new key logo to turn IGNITION ON
5. Continuously RED -> touch START with new key logo and wait IGNITION to switch ON
6. LED OFF -> press START to turn IGNITION OFF
7. Alternate LED green/red – the device is working
8. Slowly blink GREEN – finished OK
9. Fast blink RED – finished with ERROR
NOTE (specific for UDS models – Qashqai, X-Trail e.t.c): When invited to press or touch START with a new key but all required keys are already learned use any of the learned keys!
At the end verify that the new keys are working by pressing the brakes and starting the engine one by one.

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