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Kia ceed

Kia ceed 1

Kia ceed

Kia ceed 2

In the event that a person intends to purchase an inexpensive and fairly high-quality hatchback, then he should pay attention to Kia Ceed. With all this, today the generation of the hatchback began to look pretty good. Despite this, there are people who can generally say that both the side and the rear of the Kia Ceed are copied from other car brands, such as the Opel Astra and Citroen.

In addition to everything else, it is worth noting that in general Kia Ceed is a 100% European car and nothing special is provided for. Despite this, this car has such distinctive features as a branded radiator grille and a hood, which has a very good relief.

If we consider the interior, then with the basic configuration it is generally quite surprising, since in general, its finishes contain materials such as soft plastic, and others very pleasant to the touch. It is also worth noting that with the initial configuration this car incorporates air conditioning and airbags. As for the complete set, in general, in addition to the above, it also has a multimedia system, a color display, a parking assistance system, a camera, a steering wheel with a heating system, and much more. In addition, one of the distinguishing features of this car is that there are several steering wheel adjustment modes, which is generally inherent in C class cars.

But in terms of appearance, a car like Kia Ceed has a very aggressive look, due primarily to light alloy wheels, the presence of spoilers and a chrome muffler.

As for the equipment of the car with power-type aggregates, it is worth noting that cars with a gas engine having a volume of 1400 cubic meters are supplied to our country. It is worth noting that fuel consumption is very low, that is, in general it is about 9 liters per 100 kilometers.

In that case, if you look at the suspension, then in principle I would like to note that it makes a kind of double impression. That is, in fact, it is not bad, but in general it is designed for more even city roads.

In addition, compared with previous models, the whole Kia Ceed became a little lower and narrower, but at the same time it became a little longer.

Another very significant positive aspect is the quite normal amount of luggage. It is approximately 380 liters, but if you remove the rear seats, then its size can be increased 4 times. That is, in fact, it turns out a very good family car such as a hatchback.

As a result, all this superiority in terms of price value can reach about 600 thousand rubles and this is the price of the minimum configuration, but if you take it fully, then the car can cost about 900 thousand rubles.


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