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Kia opirus

Kia opirus 1

Kia opirus

Kia opirus 2

The first Kia Opirus models appeared in 2003. The demonstration took place at the Geneva Motor Show. Immediately the audience was surprised by what they saw, because it was the first executive sedan from Kia. Despite the fact that Kia did not produce this type of car before, the project turned out to be successful, and immediately won the hearts of many motorists. The car itself, representatives of Kia, is called “Ophir” – in honor of a rich, biblical country, with unprecedented wealth and luxury. And it is not for nothing that a car is compared with this country, because it takes a lot of money to build one car, since the interior is made with expensive leather, and the appliances are made from mahogany.

The car was built on a huge Mitsubishi platform, the brainchild itself turned out to be huge and not compact, as much as 5 meters in length, and for a sedan this is an impressive size! All these large forms were made to conquer the American market, and this is observed not only in external factors, but also in the filling, which clearly specializes in Americans. Although for this western country, the car has the name “Amanti”

The car’s style turned out to be very attractive and luxurious, however, Kia didn’t come up with much for itself, because the car’s body is a combination of several cars at once: in front it is an elite class poured Mercedes, and in the back is Maserati. However, there is nothing wrong with this, because the car turned out very, very attractive.

Despite the elite representativeness and high price of materials for making a car, the interior turned out to be very simple and without any extra frills. Five average people will sit in the car freely and comfortably, and their emotions from the trip will be extremely positive, since for each passenger, Kia made comfortable seats. And the driver will easily understand the control of the car and the configuration of the on-board computer.

Under the hood of the Kia Opirus is a 6-cylinder, V-shaped engine, two versions are available to the buyer: 3 l. and 3.5 liters., However, since 2007, the latter has been replaced by a 3.8 liter. A car can accelerate to hundreds in just 9 seconds, and fuel consumption, in mixed form, will be 13 liters per 100 kilometers. The car itself, for its class, is very powerful, that’s why the company’s engineers took care of safety by installing 8 airbags in the car.


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