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KIA Optima 2015 car

KIA Optima 2015 car 1

KIA Optima 2015 for Europe!

KIA Optima 2015 car 2

In the spring, the updated Kia Optima was already released, but then it was prepared for the American market. But Europe will get acquainted with the updated model only after the presentation in Frankfurt, and, interestingly, the design of the new product will change again. For this part of the buyers, the designers prepared new bumpers and a line of disks, and also, in order to expand the range of changes, worked on the headlights. Also, it is worth noting that Optima will get to Europe with two very interesting engines. By the way, next year the same model will be re-presented again, the fact is that the company wants to supply hybrids to the market no less actively than others, and in such a car an installation with a similar alignment of forces will certainly be noticed by buyers.

As for engines, then, as was written above, the developers want to introduce 2 motors. The petrol engine, having a volume of 2.0 liters, will be able to demonstrate a not bad power reserve – 163 horses. With all this, as for a similar unit, an indicator of 196 Nm is also good, but not as much as a diesel engine, although about it a little later. It will be offered with mechanics, although there is an automatic option, albeit not the most advanced – with 6 speeds. A diesel engine, in many respects, is much more attractive, given that its volume is 1.7 liters and its capacity is 141 horses. Torque, which is quite obvious, it is sky-high – 340 Nm, and this motor is docked with a 7-speed automatic, and even with two clutches. Speaking of dynamics, the undisputed leader is the 2.0 liter engine. It will allow you to accelerate in 9.4 seconds to hundreds, and the maximum speed level is very good, as for this class of car – 210 km / h. It will be a little boring to accelerate with a diesel engine – 10 seconds.

The developers have not forgotten that in Europe, drivers are very accustomed to high technology. In the new product you can see the smart multimedia system, in it, by the way, 10 speakers and an 8-inch screen, as well as charging for a smartphone without wires. The security systems are scanners of signs, markings and dead zones. Well, an adaptive cruise – control, only complements this beautiful picture. As for the price of Kia Optima, no comments have been given so far, because there is still some time left before the presentation. However, given the facts, it’s worth saying that the company will be able to quite well integrate into the global market if it works in the same spirit for people.


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