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Kia Picanto Car

Kia Picanto Car 1

Subcompact Kia Picanto – justified prerequisites for success

Kia Picanto Car 2

The smallest hatchback of the entire Kia model line, soon 10 years old, is the most popular car in its class. It should be noted that the car is in demand not only in its homeland in South Korea, but also in very “picky” European countries.

The secret of high car sales ratings is very simple – the car is extremely affordable, and at the same time, technically simple and unpretentious in maintenance. Paying attention to the cost, buyers agree not to notice the discreet exterior of the car, the low quality of the interior, and not the best working qualities.

But time does not stand still, Kia marketers are busy actively creating a new image of the company. Moreover, these efforts are already bearing fruit. Today, the company’s cars can compete with many European brands. Proof of this is the unprecedented popularity in Europe of the ceed model, by the way, in both body styles, both wagon and hatchback.

In addition, small cars, which include the Kia Picanto subcompact, for many reasons, sell well in the Old World, despite the competition. Pragmatic Europeans, squeezed in the grip of the traffic problems of large cities, simply have no choice. The developers of the companies know this no worse than the users themselves, therefore they direct their efforts to the development of models of this class.

Picanto, in its new version, is the largest hatchback in the subcompact class. In principle, it no longer meets the standards of class A, therefore, for sure, in the near future it will move to B, or B +. The car shares a single platform with the Hyundai i-10 model, however, it has a longer wheelbase, which allows you to build a body in 5 and 3-door versions.

In the new generation in the cabin, they “redrawn” the instrument panel to the corporate style, installed a multifunction steering wheel, with the addition of chrome fragments. In the equipment you can see airbag (6 pillows) and ABS with a stabilization system. In some trim levels, a sunroof and keyless start of the internal combustion engine are offered..

In the new version of the hatchback, various internal combustion engines, atmospheric, ethanol Flex Fuel, and, operating on liquefied gas, LPG are working. They are more environmentally friendly than the previous ones, and, accordingly, more economical. Average fuel requirements of not more than 6 liters. A manual transmission (5) and automatic transmission (6) are proposed in the transmission block. The cost of a car, at least in European markets, does not exceed $ 13.5 thousand.


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