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KIA pro_cee d GT

KIA pro_cee d GT 1

KIA pro_cee’d GT

KIA pro_cee d GT 2

Outwardly, Kia’s pro_cee’d GT hot hatch from Kia looks spectacular. LED running lights, combined in a block, an aggressive body kit and a front bumper, large 18-inch wheels and two exhaust pipes attract the prying eyes of passers-by and motorists.

The interior also turned out to be memorable. What is the instrument panel, which depending on the selected driving mode can change its configuration and, along with a digital speedometer, show boost pressure. The center console is equipped with a display, which displays the functions of multimedia and navigation. Of course, there is something to complain about. For example, the plastic on the dashboard is hard, and the speedometer emits glare in sunny weather.

The Recaro chair with powerful lateral support and lumbar support has a wide range of adjustments, thanks to which the driver of any complexion can comfortably seat at the wheel. The rear passenger row does not like guests – it’s crowded there, and that’s it.

The motor is turbocharged. A two-liter four-cylinder power unit develops 204 horsepower, and a torque of 265 Newton-meters. It works together with a six-speed manual transmission. According to the passport characteristics, acceleration from zero to the first hundred takes 7.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 230 kilometers per hour.

In fact, the engine lacks traction at low revs. Such a phenomenon on turbocharged engines is called a turbo-pit. However, the expected miracle does not occur at medium speeds either – only an easy grab, well, it makes no sense to twist until the cutoff, because in this case there is no effective acceleration. Therefore, in order to drive more or less dynamically, you need to keep the tachometer needle in the range from 2800-5400 rpm.

The gearbox pleases with well-selected gear ratios, but selectivity and moves spoil the overall positive impression.

Manageability does not pretend to be an uncompromising sport – there is no excitement and adequate clarity of reactions. The steering wheel is heavy, however, he does not have enough feedback with the wheels. Although, Sid keeps excellent on the arc, even despite the banks. And yet, if we talk about cleanliness, then to such giants as the Golf GTI or Megan RS, the Korean hot hatch still has to grow and grow, but in everyday operation there are no questions about tuning the steering.

In addition, the suspension can be pampered with comfort, albeit small. She copes with small and medium irregularities perfectly, swallowing them. Breakdowns occur only on large potholes. Noise isolation is also at the proper level and blocks spurious noises even at high speed.


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