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Kia rio

Kia rio 1

Kia rio

Kia rio 2

Kia Rio debuted in Geneva in 2000. This model replaced the previously manufactured Kia Avella in production. Kia Rio is a model belonging to the class having front-wheel drive and transverse engine layout. The model has three body options, sedan, hatchback and station wagon.

This model is the owner of not only a comfortable cabin, thanks to several restylings, has a modern design, and very roomy trunk volumes.

The interior of this model is very cozy, decorated with high-quality materials, you cannot name a chic interior trim, which is quite logical in comparison with the low cost of this model. But comfort and coziness for all passengers of the cabin is provided without a doubt. We should also talk about the driver’s seat – his seat is very comfortable, with good lateral support and the ability to adjust the length, height and angle of the seatback. In addition, the driver’s seat is very ergonomic, with a convenient arrangement of all vehicle controls.

The standard equipment of this model has: power steering, air conditioning, central locking with remote control, power accessories with electrically adjustable mirrors, glass front door lifts), airbag and stereo system. Additional options include: automatic brake force distribution, front-type airbags, as well as an electric sunroof.

For the first generation of the car, there are two power units of a petrol type, 1.3 liters with a capacity of 85 horses and 1.5 liters. with a capacity equal to 108 horsepower. These powertrains are offered two transmissions: a 5-speed manual, and a 4-speed automatic. As for the brake system, the model has ventilated disc front brakes and rear drums.

In 2003, the car underwent a light restyling, affecting only the grille and dimensions.

2005 was the year of the release of the second generation Kia Rio, with a more modern design, both the exterior and interior of the car. The second generation was put on a completely new platform. As a result, the wheelbase of the car increased by 80mm, and due to this increase, the car became even easier to drive and more stable on the road. The new platform also increased the dimensions of the car itself in length; it grew by 23 mm, width by 15 mm, and 30 mm in height. The volume of the luggage compartment has grown from 337 to 413 liters, plus an increase due to the addition of seats. Thus, a car from a B class grew into a C class. As for the appearance, it has not changed too much, except perhaps the lighting technology. The rest of the Kia Rio in has become an even more stylish and easy to operate machine, with a very reasonable price..


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