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KIA Sorento 2015 car

KIA Sorento 2015 car 1

KIA Sorento 2015 – safe car

KIA Sorento 2015 car 2

Kia Motors introduced the first model of the famous Kia Sorento in 2002. The car was originally designed for the European market. The well-known car designer, Peter Schreyer, did everything possible to make the car look pleasant for a spoiled European consumer. Elegant design, branded radiator grilles, a combination of sporty contours and confident solidity – Sorento and now retained these basic features. In the KIA lineup, Sorento takes a position somewhere in the middle – it is larger than the compact Kia Sportage, but smaller than the overall Kia Mohave.

Kia’s policy is aimed at selling their offspring – the developers overtook European competitors of a similar class with a tricky trick: KIA Sorento in the basic configuration offered a large set of options and a low price. Competitors have the same set of pleasant things installed for an additional fee. KIA Sorento earned a name and reputation, the model was updated several times. To date, the world has seen three generations of Kia Sorento. The latest version of the car, the 2015 model, was presented to the general public in Paris.

Representatives from Korea, the USA and Germany worked on the design. The car is still recognizable: the branded mouth of the tiger mouth and the KIA badge remained in place, as did the wide edging below the waist and a solid rear view. However, the latest model looks younger, sportier. This impression appears due to an increase in side glazing and deep wheel arches. The optics also changed somewhat – the taillights increased in size and went apart.

The 2015 KIA Sorento is slightly longer and wider than its predecessors, while 1.5 cm lower. The interior is designed for new dimensions – the location of the seats has become even more comfortable than before. The new Kia Sorento now looks like this:

length – 4.780m; width – 1,890m; base – 2,780m; height – 1,685m; front and rear wheelbases – 1,628 and 1,639 m, respectively.

Technical specifications

The latest generation Kia Sorento offers its fans: 2.2 liter V diesel; produces 197 horsepower; gasoline V 2.4 liters. This is 174 horsepower; gasoline V 2.7 liters, 165 “horses”; petrol V-shaped for 3.5 liters, 277 “horses”.

All-wheel drive and front-wheel-drive cars only. Transmission – 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, 5- or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Inside, the new Kia Sorento has changed the dashboard and automatic transmission lever. The center console, equipped with a 7-inch color LCD, now looks completely different. The five-seater (for those who wish – seven-seater) salon has become even more spacious and richer. For decoration, modern plastics with a special texture and artificial leather were used. Panoramic sunroof, anatomical seats – the developers took care of the comfort of the driver and passengers. The leather trim is black and beige. Fabric finishes in black and dark gray.

For the production of the body, a new special alloy of steel of increased strength and stiffness was used. KIA earned a name for itself in the European and Russian markets by the availability of devices that increase the level of security in the database, and developers did not let this time either: additional reinforcement elements, chassis with heavy-duty elements, etc. The car in all trim levels is equipped with airbags and belts with pretensioners. Plus – the system of exchange rate stability. KIA Sorento is even safer than before.


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