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KIA Sorento Prime car

KIA Sorento Prime car 1

KIA Sorento Prime – premium crossover

KIA Sorento Prime car 2

Once upon a time, the premium class was considered the prerogative of only German manufacturers. Times have changed and now in this segment are trying to break into the laziness, the Japanese, Korean and even the Chinese auto industry. And if earlier all these attempts caused only a smile, now every new model is a serious argument in the crossover race.

The Korean auto giant Kia introduced the next generation Sorento, a car that used to stand out from other cars of its class. But the new generation has taken a step to the learning side..

The design of the car is pleasing to the eye, it is competently thought out, restrained, and does not shout about its premiumness and uniqueness. Each body element is inscribed so competently that there is not a single detail that would not look out of place. It is felt that every detail has been given due attention, as it should be with premium segment cars.

Inside, KIA signature notes are recognizable, only made a cut above, better and stricter. Great build and quality materials are what sets the new Kia Sorento apart from previous generations. The cabin is quite spacious, with ease and convenience to fit a person of any configuration. The driver’s seat gives a wide range of customization to the driver. High-quality multimedia with a bright touch screen with a wide viewing angle. The disadvantage of the radio is the lack of any popular operating system, although probably in the next generations this defect will be fixed.

A huge trunk, with a volume of 600 liters, with a third row of seats, it is unlikely that adults can comfortably fit in it, but just right for children.

Kia Sorento Prime is a vivid example of the fact that Korean manufacturers have grown to compete with the Germans in the premium segment. Wooden inserts, a huge number of pockets and containers, two cup holders, USb – port and output 3.5, and everything else that should be in a car of this class.

The car is equipped with all the necessary electronics, a car driver, cameras around the entire perimeter of the car, as well as a tracking system for blind spots. The car is equipped with a 2.2 liter engine with a capacity of 200 horsepower. The car only comes with an automatic six-speed automatic transmission.

The car does not look like a cheap Asian, German concerns have a serious competitor in the market and not paying attention to KIA will be a mistake.


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