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Kia Sorento Prime – premium car

Kia Sorento Prime - premium car 1

Kia Sorento Prime – premium car

Kia Sorento Prime - premium car 2

Kia Sorento Prime is a pretty decent offer for many residents of our country. The design is quite nice, the “machine” is perfectly tuned, so that the trip will be affordable. The car is created in a modern style. All elements harmoniously fit into the design of the machine. A little restraint is felt.

Salon exceeded all expectations. Strict style makes the car stylish and unique. Only high-quality materials were used for decoration. The whole car is top notch. The manufacturer adhered to ergonomics. Inside, it’s hard not to notice the large display. All seats are comfortable. In this car you will not see the LED backlight. But there is an insert inside the tree. Buttons are all neat.

There is no automatic braking. I would like to highlight that there is a heated seat. Doors in the trunk open automatically. To do this, just go to the luggage compartment and after a couple of seconds it will open. It will be convenient for many car owners..

The Kia Sorento Prime for the Russian market was a 2.2-liter turbodiesel provided. Its power was impressive – 200 hp. But the manufacturer promises to deliver gasoline M6. As for traction, it is enough. So the car drives beautifully on the roads. On different tests, the car showed itself perfectly in different situations.

The main highlight in Prime was handling. During the trip, the car is beautiful. It has become easy to manage and this is due to the excellent work of Korean engineers. Suspension copes with various difficulties on the road. The driver easily overcomes bumps. Of course, off-road driving will be difficult. So the car is really good, especially for our country. Seeing the price, do not be scared. It should be remembered that the car belongs to the premium segment..


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