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Kia Sorento – sleek SUV

Kia Sorento - sleek SUV 1

Kia Sorento – sleek SUV

Kia Sorento - sleek SUV 2

Looking at the Kia Sorento, you even begin to doubt whether the SUV is really in front of you, it really hurts its sophisticated exterior. No wonder many motorists have noticed that it is associated with the first generation Lexus RX. Well, this comparison only flatters the car. The model, notable for its low cost, has a high-quality assembly, excellent modern equipment in various configurations, but the basis is its technical characteristics that fully correspond to the potential of a real off-road car.

The machine was in high demand in the USA and European countries, and Russia was no exception. There were a lot of rear-wheel drive cars in America. Diesel power plants were completely absent on them, as well as the version with a gasoline engine 4 cylinders 2.4 liters. For the most part, deliveries to the countries of Eastern Europe and ours were provided by official Korean dealers, until a workshop for assembling SUVs appeared in Russia.

The interior of the model’s interior can’t be called luxurious, but it’s quite convenient, comfortable, on the whole, it makes a good impression with a reliable assembly, although the materials used leave much to be desired. The front part is distinguished by freedom, but the back of the cabin is frankly cramped, at least for 3 passengers.

In the standard LX version, an airbag (1 pillow) for the driver, an air conditioning system, and all-wheel drive windows were installed in the cabin. An expanded version of EX, additionally offered a stabilization system, a frontal airbag, heated front seats, and a “climate”. The most expensive equipment carried on board a V6 engine, automatic transmission (4, later 5 ranges), heated leather seats, ABS, and wheel casting.

The gasoline four, being adapted to the use of the AI-92, still does not lose vigilance in the matter of its quality, so it is not recommended to conduct experiments with fuel. The car will respond immediately by turning on the warning signal on the Check Engine dashboard, and if you ignore it, there is a risk of disabling some components of the ignition system and the MRV sensor.

Attention is required and candles. If they are interrupted, they will begin to step by step refuse the details of the ignition system, starting from the cassettes that ensure the operation of the ICE cylinders.

The timing drive in gasoline units is belt-driven, reliable, will last more than 50 thousand km. car mileage. Also, the area of ​​special attention, this time in the diesel engine, is injection nozzles and glow plugs (again, fuel quality.

In the domestic market, an SUV is offered with 2 types of transmission. In the database, it is hard-connected (front axle), all-wheel drive, with a razdatka, and TOD drives (popular traction) are installed on extrabudgetary trim levels.


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