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KIA Soul 2014

KIA Soul 2014 1

KIA Soul 2014

KIA Soul 2014 2

Kia Soul 2014 is a new car in everything, from the chassis design to the exterior design. He retained the familiar grille, and the shape of the bumper itself became more textured. Stylish new optics has a new shape, going to the wing. It is equipped with LED running lights.

The front pillar of the car has a glossy black color, which visually expands the glazing of the car. And the soaring roof lines add a swift design to the car. Kia Soul has large wheel arches, like on crossovers, depending on the configuration, the car is equipped with alloy wheels. It also emphasizes the style of the vehicle..

The car has changed dramatically in the quality of interior trim materials. The door panels and the front are made of high quality plastic, soft to the touch. The steering wheel and gearbox are made of genuine leather. The seats and some interior elements are trimmed with sports and stylish stitching..

In the new generation of the car, the wheelbase was increased, which allowed to significantly increase the interior space.

The car has large doorways, so passengers can comfortably sit on the car and comfortably accommodate in the cabin. Please note that this car does not have central lower tunnels, and the rear seatbacks are equipped with three separate head restraints. Therefore, on a long journey, it will be convenient for three passengers.

Kia Soul is equipped with the latest security system. The basic configuration has 2 airbags, all subsequent 6 airbags. And this is a very good offer in this class. All vehicle configurations are equipped with a warm option package. Please note that it is already in the basic configuration, and the car has air conditioning, a radio with USB and an electric amplifier with crown modes. Each driver will be able to customize a comfortable control mode. The car is very comfortable, in the car a lot of boxes for storing things.


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