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Kia sportage

Kia sportage 1

Kia sportage

Kia sportage 2

Today, Kia Sportage is rightfully considered the third generation of this kind of car line. With all this, it is worth noting that, as is accepted, all new car brands have certain distinguishing features from previous models. In general, Kia Sportage was no exception.

From the very beginning, I would like to note that in general this kind of car was designed so that its main customers will be a younger audience. In general, this applies to a greater extent to the fact that the car has acquired a more sporty look. This kind of transformation was made thanks to the narrow side windows and the wheels of a sufficiently large size. In fact, the success of this kind of crossover is fully related to its appearance.

In terms of relative differences regarding the insides of this car is the engine. As a rule, o consists of one gasoline unit with 150 horsepower. However, in addition to the gasoline engine, it can also be a diesel volume of 1.7 and 2. As a result, I want to note that the power will be approximately 136 and 184 horsepower.

As for the Kia Sportage interior, the use of materials such as soft plastic is generally acceptable, only admitting a hard one is sometimes possible. In addition, the ergonomics of the seats are at a very high level. In principle, this means that the seat tilt and backrest are almost perfect. And besides, the headrest is adjustable not only in height, but also in reach. In terms of directly adjusting the seats, they are generally mechanical type.

As another difference from previous models, Kia Sportage also has a steering column that is adjustable not only in height but also in reach. The only exception may be if this is of course the basic configuration, that is, it does not have a departure adjustment.

Among the advantages of this kind of car can also be attributed to the boot volume, which is approximately 564 liters. However, with all this, it can be significantly increased due to the addition of the rear seats. It is worth noting that this kind of action will not require much effort, since in order to do this you just need to pull the neck located on the back of the seat at the back, and then sharply release.

If you still make a comparison of the new Kia Sportage with previous models, then in general the new version has become a little wider and longer, with all this, the clearance has decreased only to 17.2 centimeters. In addition, the front and rear overhangs became much closer to the ground, which in principle negatively affected the characteristics of the off-road car plan.

Overall, the Kia Sportage is a typical front-wheel drive car. However, at the same time, there are the same and fully driven, but they only provide for temporary action regarding the connection of all wheels.

In the end, I want to note that the new Kia Sportage is not considered a 100% SUV. That is, in fact, now a more even and good road surface is suitable for him.

In conclusion, I want to note that the price value of this kind of car can range from 900 thousand to one million 500 thousand rubles.


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