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Koda fabia

Koda fabia 1

Without keyword

I want to talk about one of the possible causes of errors (or DTC) P0300, P0303, as well as the reliability of new cars and the attitude of their manufacturers to consumers. It will be an honest first-person story, so do not criticize much.

Error P0300 indicates numerous misfires in the cylinders, P0303 indicates the number of the cylinder in which misfires are recorded. In this case, consider the mechanical problem of a malfunction..

The car for our service is non-core, ŠKODA Fabia, and for this there were two reasons.

First: this is the car of our friends, second: at the time of contacting ŠKODA authorized dealers with this malfunction, the car’s mileage was just over 20 thousand km.

Having read the fault codes, we carried out a series of checks on this code P0303, and this is a pneumatic test that showed the lack of tightness of this cylinder and the smoke machine checked for leakage.

Koda fabia 2

We wrap the adapter for the smoke of the machine in the spark plug hole of the tested cylinder. We turn out the oxygen sensor, remove the corrugation of the air intake from the throttle, open the throttle. We supply smoke and we see the output from the threaded hole of the oxygen sensor. We inform the owners that further work on the search and elimination may deprive them of possible repair under warranty.

It turns out that the official representative of ŠKODA “Autocentre Slavia” in Kemerovo has already made a diagnosis and offered to remove the cylinder head for further diagnosis at the expense of the owner.

We recommended that the owner write a written appeal to ŠKODA AUTO Russia, in order to understand the situation and take measures to eliminate them at the expense of ŠKODA, since the vehicle’s mileage was minimal and service was carried out in a timely manner according to the regulations of the ŠKODA official.

Letter text ŠKODA AUTO Russia.
I am the first owner of a 2014 Skoda Fabia II, the VIN XW8EC25J0EK514179. The car was serviced by official Skoda dealers on time, the manufacturer’s recommendations for operation were strictly observed. During the operation of the car, a malfunction arose that casts doubt on the reliability of the Skoda Fabia II as a whole.

On a mileage of 20,500 km (05/10/2017) on the dashboard, the “Check Engine” warning lamp came on. A self-check with the ELM scanner showed the presence of an error “Misfire in the 3rd cylinder P0303”. The error periodically disappeared for a short time, but reappeared and on May 26, 2017, the engine was diagnosed by an authorized dealer – Slavia Auto Center in Kemerovo. Diagnostics performed by the dealer have determined that the “Check Engine” error is a result of a mechanical failure. This malfunction is associated with a decrease in compression in the 3rd cylinder (9.5 compared to 15.5 in the remaining cylinders). The reason for the reduced compression has not been established. Inspection of the cylinder with an endoscope showed the absence of damage to the cylinder walls, the integrity of the hone mesh along the entire height, the entire diameter, as well as the absence of damage to the valves (cracks, burnouts).

The dealer recommended removing the cylinder head for further engine diagnostics at the expense of the vehicle owner. I enclose a scanned copy of the diagnostic results.

As a result of the above, please inform:
1. Is this engine malfunction a warranty case, despite the expiration of the warranty period of 2 years? Vehicle mileage corresponds to 1.5 years of operation (according to the official norm of 15,000 km per year). If a malfunction occurs, doubts arise about the possibility of long-term operation of the car.
2. Please officially inform the car mileage or other calculations (engine hours), which is able to work out the engine of the Skoda Fabia II car, not related to violation of the rules of operation of the car, as well as third-party interventions. Under the conditions of timely maintenance, as well as routine maintenance.
3. The ability to resolve this malfunction at the expense of Skoda Auto

From Ratnikov, Denis (VW Group Rus)
Sent: June 20, 2017 at 19:24
Replica VRMO R: MSK, Hotline Skoda
Subject: Reply from ŠKODA AUTO Russia (Update 1131368)

Dear Julia!
According to your appeal dated June 17, 2017, we would like to note that the Volkswagen Group Rus LLC cannot remotely determine the reasons for the occurrence of the manifestations you have stated and does not provide any services to consumers (clients), for this, in Russia dealer network.

We ask you to understand that dealerships are independent legal entities, are not in an administrative subordination relationship with VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC, and make decisions on their own, as well as bear independent responsibility for the quality of services provided.

ŠKODA Fabia (VIN: XW8EC25J0EK514179) has a factory warranty of two years from the date the car was handed over to the first customer, without mileage.

The warranty period for a single part or component of a given car is equal to the warranty period for a car and is two years from the date of transfer of the car to the first buyer.

Customer support in the post-warranty period is a manifestation of goodwill on the part of the dealer company, which is aimed at maintaining customer loyalty. The issue of post warranty support for customers is decided by the employees of the dealer company in each individual case, depending on various factors, for example: timely completion of all maintenance operations at the official dealer center, operating conditions for vehicles, operating life from the moment of sale to the first buyer, mileage a / m, etc.

Considering that customer loyalty is very important to us, we passed the complaints you received on to the responsible persons of the dealerships of Avtotsentr Slavia LLC, asking them to pay maximum attention to the above..

According to the information received from the employees of the dealership LLC Avtotsentr Slaviya LLC, according to your request, the specialists of the dealership company inspected and provided you with comments on the need for in-depth diagnostics.

According to the information we have, you have refused this offer, and therefore, without diagnostics by the specialists of the ŠKODA official dealer center, it is impossible to establish the reasons for the problem you claimed.
Hope for your understanding.

Thus, VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC sent customers for repairs at their own expense to their official representatives of the Autocentre Slavia in Kemerovo.

Having taken the car to work, they did a second test already with the exhaust manifold removed.

Having convinced of the correct diagnosis, we started repair.

They removed the head of the block by removing the exhaust valves of the problem cylinder, saw a violation of the working facet of the valve seat with an offset to the side and increased runout of the valve in the guide sleeve.

Koda fabia 3

We have made the replacement of exhaust valves, guide bushings, oil scraper caps, editing the working facet of the valve.

1. The error P0300, P0303 may also have a mechanical cause..
2. When purchasing a new car, we can not always rely on the integrity of the quality of the manufacturer.
3. “Business is business!”: You don’t have to rely on any sentiment. Although there are Manufacturers who correctly understand the essence of things and can “get into a position” – they know that “a good business always speaks good”:


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