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Lada Granta AMT car with robotic gearbox

Lada Granta AMT car with robotic gearbox 1

Lada Granta AMT car with robotic gearbox

Lada Granta AMT car with robotic gearbox 2

The first Lada Granta cars came off the assembly line of the Volga Automobile Plant in 2011. This car immediately attracted the attention of motorists from our country, Grant willingly bought and is a very promising model. Therefore, this car is constantly being upgraded.

So, in 2012, Grant with Japanese automatic transmission began to be sold at car dealerships; in 2013, a version of the car with a 120-liter engine appeared. from. This year, the Volga automaker began selling Lada Granta AMT with a robotic gearbox. Let’s consider what features the specified version of a car has.

Features of the appearance of the body

Granta AMT is a budget car, so you should not expect from it any frills in the design of the body. Nevertheless, Grant, in comparison with other models of the Volga Automobile Plant, looks more than attractive. Particularly noteworthy is the design of the front of the vehicle. The radiator grill is finished in chrome, the bumper is harmoniously combined with other elements of the body. Already in the basic version, the car is equipped with fog lights. Head optics look modern; as an additional option, it is possible to mount bi-xenon, LED running lights on it without problems. The side parts of the body are decorated with moldings. The back is somewhat massive due to the high roof of the trunk.

Features of interior design

Salon Granta AMT is issued a little differently than other versions of this car. First of all, it is noteworthy that another small LCD monitor appeared on the on-board computer screen, which displays the temperature of the engine. The data of the navigation system in AMT is not transmitted to the computer screen, but is displayed on the monitor of the multimedia system.

Since a robotic transmission is installed in the car in question, the appearance of the gearbox selector has changed. Separately, it is worth noting that the Granta AMT has a fairly roomy interior. On the back row of seats you can accommodate with complete comfort, and the trunk can accommodate up to 480 liters of cargo.

Features of technical equipment

The robotic transmission installed on Granta AMT is equipped with German ZF actuators, there are only two of them. The first actuator squeezes the clutch for the driver, the second determines what speed must be turned on at the moment and activates it.

The car in question is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which is capable of developing power up to 106 liters. from. Acceleration to hundreds of grants with a robotic transmission takes twelve seconds at six liters of fuel consumption in a city. It should be noted that this is the lowest gasoline consumption among the Lada Granta.


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