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Lada granta

Lada granta 1

Lada granta

Lada granta 2

Not much time has passed since the moment the light, say, the weighted average price and functionality brainchild of AvtoVAZ – Lada Granta was released. Many motorists fell in love with the car – someone at a price, someone design, even had a place when choosing a model such a criterion as the luggage capacity. Yes, indeed, according to experts, the volume of the luggage compartment is quite good for a sedan-type body – 480 liters. And already the creators decided to supplement the brand with a new chip – an automated mechanical transmission. Simply put, a “robot.” Only users of the “machine” can truly appreciate the ride quality on such a machine, although the “robot” and the “machine” are very different from each other.

Manufacturers have worked hard to develop this model in the part that concerns beginners at the wheel. How many times have the “dummies” tried to start the car with the gear engaged? The main thing here is to put the selector in the “automatic mode” position, and then you can start it with the gear engaged. The key to “start”, a little gas – and go! And also, confusion in gear shifting is completely eliminated – such as turning on the rear instead of the first.

A very good thing is the temperature control in the box. This has not happened in the “automaton”, nor, moreover, in the “mechanics”.

Many may find the absence of the so-called transmission rod uncomfortable. Automatic transmission users are already accustomed to this – when the car is already starting to move slightly at idle, but this is a matter of habit. By all accounts, this is more a convenience than an inconvenience.

In general, the “robot” turned out to be very dynamic and capable of many things. The machine is capable of smoothly accelerating and starting “with a squeal”. And that’s all, by the way, with a relatively low fuel consumption – the car “eats” about 5 liters per 100 km along the highway and about 6 liters at the same distance in the city. Machines with an “automatic machine” under the same conditions usually consume about a “dime”.

The dashboard also looks nice. A new part is a window with engine temperature readings. The developers designed everything so that the innovation did not overshadow the other windows and fit firmly into the “interior” of the panel.

Among other things, the new modification includes: immobilizer, anti-theft, EBD – brake force distribution system, mounts for child restraints, heated front seats, exterior mirrors, electric power steering, climate control, powerful audio system with a bunch of lotions – Bluetooth, USB And so on.


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