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Lada Kalina 2 Sport

Lada Kalina 2 Sport 1

Car Lada Kalina 2 Sport

Lada Kalina 2 Sport 2

The Russian company AvtoVAZ creates cars that are very popular in the domestic market of cars. Some time ago, such machines could not fully satisfy the needs of consumers, but over time, everything began to change. Reviews of car owners are becoming more favorable, and each time there are fewer and fewer complaints. Change in the composition of the company, new qualified personnel create better machines using modern technologies.

One of the premieres of the new year was the Lada Kalina 2 Sport car of 2015. The basis for the Lada Kalina 2 car was an earlier version of the car of the same model. However, despite this, the car received grandiose differences from its predecessor, improving its technical characteristics. A special composition in the car is the grille and main headlights, in the center of the car is a nameplate with a brand name. The sides of the car are equipped with large windows, the car also has large mirrors and large wheel arches. The back of the car has a sporty look. The car has a large optical system, interesting dimensions, a comfortable boot and a plastic trim on the bumper of the car.

AvtoVAZ company has 2 different variations of the car of this model: Sport and NFR. There will be no cardinal differences between the machines. The main difference will be the air intake on the hood of the car and the difference in the rims.

The vehicle will have the following overall dimensions:

– car length 3895 mm;

– height of 1495 mm;

– width 1700 mm.

The company producing cars will sell the car for 490000 rubles. This cost will be inherent only in cars in the basic configuration, while the price of a fully equipped car can grow several times.


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