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Lada kalina station wagon – specifications, dimensions, owner reviews

Lada kalina station wagon - specifications, dimensions, owner reviews 1

Lada kalina station wagon – design features, description and advantages

Lada kalina station wagon - specifications, dimensions, owner reviews 2

A detailed review of the car Lada Kalina station wagon

The Lada Kalina station wagon is rightfully considered to be a car of the new century, fully meeting the basic needs of a modern motorist. The very first samples of the VAZ 2117 appeared in 2007 and immediately received many of their admirers. But if at the very beginning of production the Lada Kalina station wagon was popular with families of the ages, then today, for the most part, young people are acquiring it.

In the people, this car was called “bun on wheels”, to find the similarity of a car with a famous character in a fairy tale, you just need to look at the photo Lada Kalina 2 station wagon. Kolobok is not otherwise. How could something else come to mind? Although studying the photo of the Lada Kalina 2 station wagon, it is impossible not to note that its rear end turned out to be somewhat angular. However, if someone is not enthusiastic about the appearance, you can always install a body kit on the Kalina station wagon. Although if you think about it, we can conclude that in the exterior any additional elements will be superfluous, so putting a kit on the VAZ Kalina station wagon is probably advisable only in the case of full tuning.

The body of a VAZ 2117 car, in addition to its noble spirit, conveys all the advantages of station wagons. Dimensions Kalina station wagon received standard for this type of body. Due to the length of 4.04 meters, designers were able to make the car more attractive and even somewhat solid. And when motorists meet this car on the road, they immediately notice how it differs from other versions of Kalina. And the thing is that it is perceived more expensive visually. This model is no more than Kalina in a sedan body of the same length, which is why in the stream of cars the station wagon can easily be compared with Toyota Auris and Volkswagen Golf. But nevertheless, the dimensions of the VAZ Kalina wagon has the same four-door Kalina, therefore, it is great for the city, because with its length you can drive almost everywhere, and there are no difficulties with parking.

Reading the reviews of the owners of Kalina station wagon, we can conclude that this car is also distinguished by the outstanding possibilities of increasing the luggage compartment and transforming the passenger compartment. It is this advantage that makes the Kalina station wagon a very attractive acquisition for those people who have a summer residence. With this vehicle, AvtoVAZ proved that compact cars can also be roomy. Of course, at first glance, you don’t have to wait for special roominess from a four-seater, but after spending five minutes the luggage compartment can be increased to 650 liters.

Another undoubted advantage that many reviews of owners of VAZ Kalina station wagon give out is the relatively low price. A 81-horsepower engine, safety bars in the doors, painted bumpers, steering wheel adjustment, power windows, central locking, athermal glazing, full-size spare tire, immobilizer are installed on the station wagon. A more expensive version offers an engine with 89 hp. ABS system, air conditioning, radio with MP3, alarm, trunk lid.


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