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Lada Largus and Granta biofuel car

Lada Largus and Granta biofuel car 1

Bitfuel Lada Largus and Granta: savings – from the factory

Lada Largus and Granta biofuel car 2

Not every car manufacturer can boast of two types of fuel in a car, but the domestic auto concern AvtoVAZ can. Two news appeared at once, which can work both on gasoline and on gas: Lada Largus and Granta. We begin our story with Largus. On the go, it behaves perfectly and there is no difference in work on either gasoline or gas. And what can you expect from 84 horsepower engines, the car is not top-end, not even branded, it is designed to work, not for pleasure, it just crawls along the road, if you compare it with German or Japanese cars.

The conclusion is simple, the machine is dumb at reception, and another 10% of power is lost on gas, which already does not shine with its high performance. Since the machine is designed for robots, in a simple way for businessmen from the people, fuel savings are significant, and to be precise at least 2.5 times. That’s where the profit comes from, but it’s not easy jokes. The car has a large gas cylinder for 90 liters and a standard gas tank for 50 liters, but the car can drive almost a thousand kilometers without refueling in full tanks, and this is a lot.

The car has undergone changes in the cabin due to the fact that the tank is large – the car from 7 local has become 5 local, and the trunk has become somewhat smaller. And this businessman from the people didn’t really want to lose this space.

Now consider the second new product of the Pomegranate. The switch from fuel to fuel replaces one of the plugs and it looks sad. The bottom in the trunk was changed beyond recognition, in order to place a cylinder there, and not just one, but two, but the car loses an important element – there is nowhere to put it in it. The car as a whole is not bad, but why are there so strong flaws when idling, only because of HBO? The difference in operation on different types of fuel is minimal, although the car just crawls on gas and picks up speed, and there is nothing to be done about it..

The capacity of the cylinders is about 100 liters, the gas tank holds 50 liters. Full tanks should be enough for almost 1050 kilometers, okay, but something is stopping the release of cars in the series.

There is an explanation – a car with two types of fuel will cost a little more, but to make it clear to customers that the high cost of quickly paying off, not everyone can understand.

The government promises to subsidize the production of such cars, which means there will be a chance to launch them in a series. We look forward to the latest market news in the service of businessmen from the people.


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