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Lada priora

Lada priora 1

Without keyword

The words “Winter” and “Does not start” always stand nearby, because this time of year is a good check of the technical condition of the car.

This is on the one hand. And on the other hand, winter helps some drivers get rid of greed and stop buying gasoline for their car at a ridiculous and low price – as in our case with a Lada Priora car.

In the photo the car is already in the process of repair.

Lada priora 2

First, the car came to our electricians, electronic engineers, for some reason people always think that if the car does not start, then this is primarily the fault of electronics. But as it turned out, these deep and complex technical areas have nothing to do with it: our colleagues after conducting their tests measured the compression and waved to us (we work in the same workshop):
– Guys, this is your car, there is no compression!

By the way, it is very convenient when mechanics, electricians, and electronic engineers work in one repair box: we don’t get something or have any questions – we are talking to them. If they have questions on the mechanical part – they turn to us.

They started checking. There is no compression in the first and fourth cylinders. And then the lunch time came – we had lunch, and then decided to try again to start the engine. And then – lo and behold, the car started up immediately. With half a kick, as they say. We looked at each other and didn’t understand anything yet; the farther, the more interesting? There was no compression, but the car stood a bit warm – and started up. And the compression came from a fairy tale.

Partner asked:
– You come across this?
I shrugged.
– It is not clear, but there are some thoughts.

We wanted to see the picture inside the cylinders with a videoscope, but it didn’t work out. Conducted other checks. Since we have been working with Sergey for a long time (this is my partner), we did not explain much to each other:
– It looks like gasoline?
– Yes, it seems there is such a disaster …

Therefore, they decided to remove the “head”, see what and how.

Lada priora 3

Are you surprised What does it have to do with “gasoline” and “take off the head”, that is, the cylinder head?

You know, we came across, and even more recently, cars in which the problem of winter non-start in the morning was gasoline: the 2011 KIA Rio. Svezhak, as they say. The only problem is: “it won’t start”. It was the beginning of 2013 and then the frosts were not very large, but they were enough to prevent the car from starting up in the morning.

The client told us wonderful things: our car service was already the fourth in a row. In the first, the starter was sentenced to him – and changed. In the second car service, a malfunction was found in the fuel pump – and also changed. As for the third, the client no longer spoke, only waved his hand.

And what is most surprising, after replacing the starter, fuel pump and something else – the car started up vigorously, the specialists smiled rather and escorted the client, warming the money received in their hand. And then the car stood on the street for the night, it froze until the morning and then the usual: “It won’t start”.

We checked this Kia compression – no compression. Then they also looked at each other: “Gasoline?”, “Yes, it seems like that …”.

But they tried to get by with a little blood: they put the motor on an enhanced flushing and this helped – the car started to start with a half-kick.

Well, here, on this Lada Priore, after the examination, we decided that the disease went too far, it should be treated operatively – remove the “head”, watch.

They took off. We looked. They pulled out the valves – they barely pulled out, because they barely walk in the guides. Valves were really “torn out”, helping themselves with kind Russian words.

They all gathered back, started the engine – it started up as soon as he saw the key. Everything is fine. They drove out into the frost, and the frost intensified that day, by the evening they started – the launch was again normal. The car was given to the client. He rode for several hours, then called: “Heaven and earth! – he said – I’m almost not pressing the pedal, it’s riding itself! ”.

Well, we did not celebrate the victory – there was a reason: when the client came to pick up the car, we told him that “we must change the gas in the tank. Surely! ” What the client was very surprised, worried and categorically refused to do this. That’s why we did not celebrate the victory, we waited and … we waited in the morning: the client called and said in a killed voice: “Again the same thing”.

Of course, there is no fault of ours – we strongly recommended that the client replace gasoline in the tank, but he refused. It’s hard to say why. The euphoria of a working machine again, maybe …

But they hoped for the best: in the morning, when the client dragged the car, they measured the compression again. Not happy: there is no compression in any of the cylinders. Complete zero. But they still did not lose hope, hoped that the problem was not very big, this could happen due to low-quality fuel, because of the water in the tank plus frost. Hence the ice and wedge on the valves. They put it in heat, hoping that if it is water, it will warm up.

But no luck, I didn’t warm up, so I had to start all over again: removing the head, studying the problem, which turned out to be much more serious than it was: all the inlets were bent, and the third valve soured to such an extent that it stuck in the guide and had to be pulled out together with guide.

If car owners will read this story, I’ll explain a little what the conversation is about, let’s take a look at the figure:

Lada priora 4

The directional valves have two functions: heat dissipation from the valves and the calibrated seating of the valve in the seat.

What happened to us: valve 1 tightly glued into the guide sleeve 2 and without it did not go out. This is what I had to “tear up” – together. The story of the complete disassembly and tidying of the cylinder head repeated.

Everything new has been replaced and delivered..

Lada priora 5

Lada priora 6

Lada priora 7

And now it’s time to show the cause of the malfunction: a valve at close range where deposits are clearly visible. The valve worked only 3 hours, as it is new.

Lada priora 8

The cause of all troubles and troubles is visible on the valve – deposits. And this is a washed valve, they cleaned it for an experiment to understand what kind of composition was inside that old gasoline.

Washed – not washed, if you take it with your hands – your fingers stick like a good glue and then it’s hard to wash your fingers even with gasoline. When it was warm, this composition on the valves became slightly plastic and allowed the valves to go in the guides. And a little bit the temperature dropped – deposits were frozen and better than space superglue tightly clamped the valve stem in the guide.

What’s next? The fuel tank, most likely, will have to be changed, because it is unlikely to wash it from the old gasoline. Well, the fuel lines will have to be washed very thoroughly and more than once. Or change?

Refuel our client in the suburbs. “What kind of gas station is this?” We asked and heard in response that “at that gas station there are very good discounts on gasoline: when buying a card for permanent service, the discount per liter can reach about 60 kopecks”.

Truly: “Avaricious pays twice”.

Trusov Andrey Mikhailovich
Elektrostal (Moscow region), Prospect Mira, d.27-a


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