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Lada Vesta station wagon

Lada Vesta station wagon 1

Lada Vesta station wagon

Lada Vesta station wagon 2

The domestic auto giant announced the start of creating a station wagon based on the Vesta model. But, most likely live this modification can be seen in the seventeenth year. The manufacturer optimistically promises to create two versions of this car, but gradually, if one is successful, a second modification will be produced.

At this stage, the final stage of the approval process of the stylistic design of the new product takes place. The novelty has not yet come up with a name, but perhaps this modification will have the letters SW in its name.

Already in June of this year, many automotive analysts, after familiarizing themselves with the product modernization schedule, said that this model would become the founder of the series. So this model, tentatively in June of the seventeenth, will have a version for the transport of goods. A version of the pseudo-crossover will be created that is gaining popularity. The company plans to create it in December.

A year later, after the wagon will create a model in the back of a hatchback.

Serial production of the Vesta model will start at the end of September this year, and will be carried out at the production facilities of the Izhevsk plant. The implementation starts in two months, then we will find out the reviews of the first happy owners of the car.


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