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Land cruiser

Land cruiser 1

Land cruiser

Without keyword

Buying cheap Land Cruiser will soon be possible. Or it will become “almost possible” to buy Land Cruiser for “ridiculous money”. And see the ad:

“I sell Land cruiser cheaply” also becomes possible. Buy a Land Cruiser or other car from Japan. Inexpensive.

Domestic businessmen have always been half a step ahead of events. They are particularly inventive when delivering cars from Japan..

First, the whole cars were imported.

Then, when the rules changed, “designers” began to import.

A little later – the so-called “cuts”.

And between this, when floods occurred, “drowned men” were also brought in – cars that experienced a natural disaster in the form of floods were flooded and could no longer be used on Japanese roads.

And here you can not resist, so as not to quote the advertising text on the website of one Russian car seller from Japan:

Auto cuts – cheap and profitable
One of the main activities of our company is the order of auto cuts. Sawing a car is a very delicate car sawing operation. Cars are cut at our parking lot in Japan, after import and customs duties, the car is welded again into a single unit, with additional duplicates of the body reinforcement and painted. After the completion of all work, the machine looks no different from the new one. Cars are cut at the factory seams and the main frame of the car remains intact. Many are afraid that car cuts are harmful and unsafe for the technical and driving characteristics of the machine. We dare to assure you that if you perform welded joints on professional equipment and with the help of real experts and experts in your field, then a car cut will not be any different from a new machine manufactured at the factory.

Another indisputable advantage of cutting cars is that they are cheaper than new cars. Auto cut is much cheaper to issue at customs, so the price of such cars compares favorably. That is, you get a practically new car. Vostok Trans Import will gladly deliver you any car from Korea or Japan (left-hand drive, right-hand drive, car cuts, ordering cars from auctions in Japan). Trusting our company, you can be sure of the quality of our services and the professionalism of our employees.

I don’t know what idiots of undemanding buyers such advertising texts are designed for, but … if the buyer has no mind, he will never be. There is nothing to comment on: all the idiocy of the situation is open, shown by the sellers directly in the text.

… businessmen are never mistaken, they know that they will always find a “loshar”. They call their “esteemed customers” contemptuously and mockingly: “Cars are shopping.”.

Hence all their other actions: “Buy cheaply – sell expensive”.

The truth behind all action.

However, “cuts” is not the last trouble that awaits “purchases”.

More recently, a big disaster happened on the Japanese islands … an earthquake … a tsunami … many dead … Sincere condolences.

You don’t even have to go to a fortuneteller: after some time, vehicles that survived this national Japanese catastrophe can start arriving in the Far East, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Magadan, Novorossiysk and other places..

And in the general stream there will be cars not only with left-hand drive. But also with the right. This is from those ships that were supposed to transport new cars to Europe and America.

The first stream is unlikely to have “cuts” and “designers”. There will be brand new and well maintained cars. But they will be “dirty”.

Here in the photo on the right, for example. The perfect car. Left-hand drive. Suppose he was brought from Japan.

Check – do not check, but you will not find any traces of cut, or any traces of being in the water there. Normal car?

And to check with a dosimeter … did not try?

Delirium … Delusional thoughts …

… I wouldn’t say this wild nonsense if I hadn’t stumbled upon a conversation on one of the forums by chance. … and they wondered if it was possible to somehow set up the dosimeter so that it would show certain numbers …

I must say right away: I do not know who wrote. Where did he write. Why wrote. Maybe this has nothing to do with our conversation, but …

Against the background of the events that have occurred, it leads to certain thoughts.

That is, we continue: “drowned”, “cuts”, “designers” … this is yesterday. Today or tomorrow, radio cars can come to us.

Just do not say that this is impossible for the reason that “… now … all ships … all arriving cars from Japan … will be thoroughly … checked …”.

And you and I know very well that everything is possible in our country.

Including the transport of radioactive cars.

As they write and say: “There are no people in the civil service who are not for sale. You have offered them little. ”.

All of the above cannot be attributed exclusively to all used car dealers from Japan. Most are just traders and just make a living. Where to go. Life is like that. But the “fly in the ointment” – “crazy” bugs-merchants will always spoil the best ideas …

And if you look deeper: these are not bad people. This is such a life. Poor and filthy. For most.

… and Japanese cars themselves are wonderful cars.

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