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Lexus car and its price

Lexus car and its price 1

Lexus car and its price

Lexus car and its price 2

This car company is a branch of Toyota’s largest automobile manufacturing company, betting on the production of comfortable cars for American and European customers..

1989, the time of the auto show in the capital of the automobile industry in America, Detroit, LS400 and ES250 car models are presented here. In September they were put up for sale. 3000 LS400 and 1200 ES250 sold in one month.

At the beginning of 1991, a car, a SC400 sports coupe with a 4-speed automatic transmission and an ES300 sedan are presented at the auto show. Demand in the Lexys sales market was very high. Its implementation level in 1992 exceeded 93,000 units. A year later, the car factory launches the GS300 brand.

Mid-1996, the LX450 SUV appeared, its implementation exceeded the Range Rover sales level. In 2001, at the next auto show in Detroit, the LS300 Sport cross, IS300 Manual Tranmission brands were presented. The Sport Cross has gearbox controls located on the steering wheel.

Together with these two models, the SC430 is put up for implementation. Applications for its manufacture are placed before the end of this year. This car has changed a coupe-like body to a convertible with a folding top.

Mid-October 2001, ES300 goes on sale. This is a third generation vehicle. It is for the first time equipped with an audio system from Mark Levinson.

In Russia, the company opened its representative offices in 2002. At the same time, the SUV GX470, which is a copy of Toyota Land Gruser Prado, was put on buyers’ reviews. This car has a variable suspension height for driving on roads and on asphalt.

Lexys company plans to produce modern models of cars equipped with a diesel engine for sale on the market of the Russian Federation, Europe and America.


The price of a Lexus car today ranges in the following range:

– Lexus ST from 2,000,000 to 2,500,000;

– Lexus ES from 1 893 000 to 2 700 000;

– Lexus GS from 2,800,000 to 5,000,000;

– Lexus GX from 2,500,000 to 3,500,000;

– Lexus IS from 2,300,000 to 3,000,000;

– Lexus LS from 5.8 million to 7.5 million;

– Lexus LX from 3,700,000 to 5,600,000.

As the price grid shows the value of the vehicle, it belongs to a business class car, and is designed to serve a wealthy part of the population, shining with luxury and wealth.

However, its workmanship, reliability and comfort in operation, is worth its price. For the entire period of operation, he had no negative reviews.


Lexus prices confirm its belonging to luxury and comfort. Its appearance is emphasized by the refined design of the machine, emphasizing its desire for speed, creating comfort in motion.

This is facilitated by the presence of roof rails, a rear spoiler, which provides stability in movement. Side mirrors not only ensure driving safety, but also contribute to improving the design of the car.

Soundproofing windshield, absorbing noise from movement, increases ride comfort. Xenon dipped beam and halogen high beam headlights emphasize the chic design of the car. They provide excellent road lighting at night..

The design is best affected by LED taillights and brake lights, wipers equipped with a rain sensor, plastic door sills.


1) The presence of cruise control provides an unmistakable choice of route;

2) A retractable steering column, provides a comfortable fit and landing of the driver;

3) Illumination lamps in the side mirrors, provide illumination when boarding a vehicle;

4) The presence of climate control ensures a pleasant stay in the car, regardless of the ambient temperature;

5) The fuel consumption indicator tells the driver which engine operation mode should be provided;

6) The seats of the first, second row are adjustable;

7) Finishing the salt with expensive material, provides a comfortable stay in the cabin;

8) Power steering column in 4 directions increases the convenience of driving;

9) The presence of airbags for all passengers ensures their safety during movement;

10) Automatic door lock while driving increases passenger safety.

The presence of other vehicle options emphasizes the compliance of the Lexus price ratio. Additional options that the machine is equipped with ensure safety, convenience, comfort during its operation.

A number of options serve as a driver, providing economical and rational operation of the car. Moreover, they promptly warn the driver about the occurrence of an obstacle, thereby ensuring the safety of passengers, which is one of the main positive qualities of a vehicle of this class. Lexus will continue to strive to improve the quality characteristics in the field of ensuring the safe operation of the machine.


Each Lexus model has its own personal specifications. But they do not have a fundamental difference from each other. They do not significantly differ in engine characteristics, speed, fuel consumption. Their main difference is the price grid for vehicles.

The entire range of Lexus cars combines their high driving performance. Convenience and comfort of operation, reliability, long service life from repair to repair, the highest build quality of the machine – this is his calling card, which motorists all over the world are oriented to.

Here it is proposed to consider the most popular Lexus ISF model..

– reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds;

– fuel tank capacity 65 liters;

– the weight of a loaded vehicle is 1720 kilograms;

– dimensions of front tires 225/40 R19, rear – 255/35 R19;

– cylinder volume – 4970 cm3;

– its power is 425 horsepower;

– fuel supply: direct injection into combustion chambers;

– placement of cylinders: V-shaped;

– their diameter: 94 mm;

– piston stroke: 90 mm;

– gasoline used: AI-95;

– environmental European standard: EURO IV.


The machine has disc brakes, the front ones are ventilated. The system is equipped with ABS. The brakes are reliable and efficient..

Type of assembly: pinion gear. It is equipped with hydraulic booster.

The vehicle has rear-wheel drive. It is equipped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The front consists of a double wishbone, the rear is a coil spring.

4-door, 5-seater sedan. The dimensions of the car are 4665 by 1815 by 1420 millimeters, the numbers indicate the dimensions of the vehicle in length, width and height. Wheelbase 2730 mm. Year of release of the car – 2008.

Lexus car in its characteristics, refers to a business class vehicle. Excellent driving performance, engine power, while fuel economy, fuel throttle response, high comfort and ease of driving, rightly include it in the line of the best cars in the world.

Despite the rather high price, the car is in great demand among motoring enthusiasts, which once again emphasizes the credibility of this vehicle, which contributes to its widespread distribution around the globe.


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