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Lexus – Faster than Fast, Stronger than Strong

Lexus - Faster than Fast, Stronger than Strong 1

Lexus – Faster than Fast, Stronger than Strong

Lexus - Faster than Fast, Stronger than Strong 2

Have you ever driven a car at great speed? Have you experienced this unreal feeling at least once? Do you know this feeling – when adrenaline goes beyond all possible limits? If so, you need to start driving the new Lexus RC F. If not, then you should definitely try the new Lexus!

This time, the Japanese simply surpassed themselves. A new car doesn’t just look stunning! She also has no more, no less, and 477 hp.!

Driving a Lexus RC F is equally easy day and night. The car cuts through the night expanses, illuminating everything around with the bright light of the headlights. Thanks to them, in the darkest hour, the driver will feel like in the afternoon.

The appearance of the new Lexus RC F will not leave anyone indifferent! Any passerby will look into this car. And drivers on the road will just drool – looking at this miracle!

What is only one powerful grille worth! And the headlights that look in the night, like the brightly burning eyes of a predator? In no stream of cars – this one will not go unnoticed!

As for the new Lexus RC F interior, here the Japanese largely repeated the decoration of the IS sedan. Particular attention should be paid to the car dashboard, equipped with many additional features. Here you can see the oil temperature, the level of lateral accelerations, and the lap time, and so on, and so on..

But the main decoration of the Lexus RC F is its seats! Real sports seats with numerous durable seat belts will please any speed lover.

The only minus of the Lexus RC F is the rear seats. The Japanese didn’t think about them at all! To climb on them, of course, is possible. But it’s not clear how to sit there. Because people, sitting behind, immediately rest on the knees of the front seats. This is terribly uncomfortable! And the ceiling literally rests on the head … well, or vice versa.

Summing up, it should be said that the Lexus RC F is designed for fans of high speed. 4.5 sec it accelerates to 100 km / h! And the maximum speed with which the Lexus RC F is capable of moving is 270 km per hour! At this speed, you can participate in formula 1!

So if you are a born racer, this is your car! An additional advantage for you will be that the car holds the road incredibly well, even at high speeds. Perhaps the point is its considerable weight – 1765 kg. The closest competitors Lexus RC F weigh at least 200 kg less.


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