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Lexus GX car

Lexus GX car 1

SUV Lexus GX

Lexus GX car 2

When creating the Lexus GX SUV, the developers sought to create a vehicle that, in addition to excellent off-road performance, would have a comfortable interior and ensure a smooth ride regardless of the condition of the road surface. All these qualities are fully present in the specified car..

Features of interior design Lexus GX

Trim Lexus GX made of fine leather trim, which is decorated with precious wood inserts. The driver’s and front passenger seats have tangible lateral support and are adjustable over a wide range with an electric drive. After you select the optimal set of seat adjustments, the selected settings can be saved. In order to get out of the car you do not have to make unnecessary gestures. With the seat belt unfastened, the seat and steering column will move in opposite directions, forming a vast space. On the dashboard, in addition to standard devices, there is an information display on which data on the operation of the transmission and other machine components is displayed.

The interior of the car in question is designed for seven people. The seats are arranged in three rows, the middle seat of the second row can be fully folded, and the outer seats are displaced, longitudinally facilitating landing in the rear seats. Near the seats are many niches in which you can put oversized items. If necessary, the interior of the SUV can be turned into a roomy cargo compartment. To do this, you need to press a couple of keys, after which the chairs of the third row will fold, forming a flat floor for laying cargo.

Powertrain specifications, Lexus GX options

Lexus GX is equipped with a 296-horsepower gasoline engine. The body of this engine is caught from aluminum, due to which the mass of the unit has significantly decreased, and its service life has increased. The motor runs under the control of the Dual VV-i system, which optimizes the timing. Transmission – automatic with the ability to enable manual mode. Fuel consumption is about 14 liters, acceleration to hundreds takes six seconds.

During movement, the on-board computer controls the actuators, adapting their work depending on the type of road surface. On bends, the car maintains stability under the control of the KDSS system, which compensates for the roll by changing the stiffness of the rear stabilizers. The SUV is equipped with air suspension AVS, which allows you to increase or decrease ground clearance. Due to this, the aerodynamic characteristics of the car on the track do not decrease due to high clearance. At the same time, the vehicle moves over rough terrain without any difficulties..


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