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Lexus GX

Lexus GX 1

Lexus GX

Lexus GX 2

In Detroit, Lexus GX (2003) was presented at a car show. The car combined 2 qualities: comfort, features of an SUV and a smooth ride. The platform of the car is completely new. In cars, an all-wheel drive system and an automatic gearbox are installed. The suspension is easily adjustable. Due to a certain function, the car body can go up and then go down at the request of the driver. Automatically the body lowers during a fast ride, where high speed is gained. This model has only one engine, but with the help of it, in theory, the car should become faster. The standard equipment includes: traction control, anti-wear system, braking force system and 4th airbags. Salon at the same time look elegant and comfortable. In the cabin are installed: climate control, audio system, a control console in the form of buttons is installed on the steering wheel. In the cabin there is the opportunity to make another, additional row for passengers. In general, the GX looks elitist, dynamic. The headlights have a large number of light sources, and the headlights themselves are rather large in size.

After 7 years, in 2010 the family was replenished by replenishment, the second generation of the model is presented. This time, as before, the all-wheel drive car. The radiator grille, although it looks pretty powerful, is not real. The headlights also changed their appearance. The bumper also changed forms, and therefore it was possible to immediately distinguish between the GX and GX 460. The dimensions, in principle, remained the same. The only major change in size suffered a wheelbase. A lot has changed in the SUV, but the safety and comfort requirements remain the same. The interior of this model was slightly different from the previous one. Wood inserts appeared. The buyer was given the opportunity to choose from the gamut of colors necessary. Ahead is a panel that has a stunning view. Climate control has already become three-season and made the trip more convenient and enjoyable. You can connect various media to the audio system. Armchairs have heating and ventilation. Steering wheel height adjustment.

In 2013, the second generation Lexus GX was modified. In 2014, everyone saw an updated version of the car. The bumper and the body got new lines, which updates the entire exterior. Changed the shape of the grille and headlights. The car has alloy wheels. The salon has become even more powerful and comfortable. The main console is placed differently.


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