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Lexus IS 250 2015

Lexus IS 250 2015 1

Lexus IS 250 2015

Lexus IS 250 2015 2

A challenging mission for the new Lexus IS. The car competes immediately with three whales of the big German three. What sedan from Japan will be able to oppose the Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class?

Take a look in the chic eyes of the sedan and immediately realize that the designers took a desperate step. Separate headlights of the car and LED bright strips of running lights are located next to a wide grille and bends of the front bumper. At the sedan, the silhouette stands out with wheel arches and unusually swirling thresholds.

He is both handsome and impetuous. With just one look, the new IS is arguing about the beauty of the car..

A chic salon will meet you with an unusual steering wheel with amazing joysticks for controlling various functions and cozy hard chairs with good lateral support. It is very pleasant that we paid special attention to trifles here.

Consider the front panel of the car. This is a rare image that combines design, quality finishes and convenience. The center console consists of a high-quality block audio system, made in the style of Japanese classic audio systems from the 90s and climate control, with unusual “stripes” of temperature control. Swipe up, it will become warmer, down – colder.

One of the weak links is the plastic trim of the airflow deflectors..

Ergonomics cars a minimum of complaints. Conveniently driving and low landing. The instrument panel is a sample of information content, and the visor located above it is sheathed with genuine leather.

Lexus IS eliminated the main drawback of its predecessor – it is cramped on the back of the couch. For rear passengers, increased space.

Trunk volume – 480 liters, only the upholstery materials are simple. Also, one of the minuses – when the back of the back sofa is folding, a large ledge is formed.

The sedan takes acceleration rapidly, but the main thing is that there is acceleration to the ravishing accompaniment of the naturally aspirated V6 engine, which we hear less and less in the age of turbo engines. Yes, Lexus has remained faithful to atmospheric engines for the fact that they are reliable and relatively unpretentious. At the same time, the Lexus IS 250 speakers are quite sufficient not only for starts at traffic lights, but also for confident overtaking on the highway. A six-speed gearbox Super ECT automatically shifts gears with minimal delay. If necessary, you can spur the transmission in sport mode or reset a pair of gears with paddle shifters.

In addition to a bright appearance, Lexus has good handling.

As a result, Lexus is a great choice for those who want to stand out on the road among the gray mass..


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