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Lexus LX SUV

Lexus LX SUV 1

Lexus LX SUV

Lexus LX SUV 2

In 1995, the Lexus LX all-wheel drive SUV appeared in the automotive markets. The car was very spacious and accommodated 8 people. The seats were arranged in three rows. And to accommodate more luggage, the last two rows could be folded. For interior trim, plastic and leather were used. Under the hood, the model hid a V-shaped engine with a capacity of 212 horses and 4.5 liters in volume. A 4-speed automatic gearbox was paired to the engine.

The luxury version of the car in a new generation was released in 1998. The new generation Lexus LX demonstrates exterior elegance and tremendous power. To create a solid silhouette, the entire car is painted in one color – mother of pearl.

The interior includes wood inserts. Armchairs are trimmed with high quality leather. The steering wheel and front seats have all kinds of adjustments. To create even greater comfort, the model is equipped with climate control. This version has an even more powerful engine. Its power reaches 234 liters. forces, and the volume is 4.7 liters. The car has an automatic 5-speed transmission. Four-wheel drive.

For Russian citizens, the novelty was introduced only in 2002.

The third generation Lexus LX was introduced in 2007. Externally, the car has become even more aggressive, thanks to an aerodynamic spoiler, grille and modified headlights. On the body of the model there are chrome inserts, and at the bottom of the body there is a spare wheel. The dimensions of the third generation also increased, compared with the second generation, 6 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 4 cm high. 8 people still fit in the cabin. If necessary, the 2nd row of seats can be retracted completely, and the third is folded on the sides.

The model is equipped with various modern systems and options that greatly facilitate driving. This includes the new brake system and a system that allows you to keep constantly low speed on the road. The engine in the third generation has a volume of 5.7 liters and a power of 367 liters. forces. 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift.

In 2012, Detroit introduced a restyled version of the third generation. Changes were made to the grille and optics of the model, as well as both bumpers. Improvements have occurred in the car. There is a new version of the cabin for 5 seats. Engine left at the same level.

In 2015, the Japanese plan to introduce a new Lexus LX model. But there are no details yet..


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