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Lexus NX car

Lexus NX car 1

Lexus NX – a combination of futuristic appearance and advanced technology

Lexus NX car 2

Lexus NX 2016 was officially presented to the public in April 2014. In Russia, its sales will begin in September this year. In the future, he was given the role of the most popular Lexus brand model.

The novelty has a bright appearance and bears futuristic features. The appearance of the car is dominated by sharp rapid lines, which makes its appearance very unusual and stands out from the stream. Appearance reflected the corporate identity of the Japanese brand, which includes the original form of the grille, embossed body shapes and sidelights in the shape of a boomerang.

The crossover is based on the Toyota RAV4, but the platform has been pretty redesigned. The model will be available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions, and also comes with a hybrid drive. Matching its premium class, the Lexus NX offers a variety of suspension options.

The base chassis has good sound insulation and can easily pass road bumps, which raises the level of comfort to a decent height. The F Sport package has a lowered suspension, lowering the height of the center of gravity and increasing downforce, which makes driving more comfortable and safe. This package also includes sports wheels, another grille and modified bumpers. Inside – seats with improved lateral support and a sports wheel.

The appearance of the interior corresponds to the exterior of the NX: original features and eye-catching details are also traced here. The center console has an outstanding forward shape, an 8-inch display is located above the console, under it and on the steering wheel there are many buttons.

The model has 3 engine options: atmospheric gasoline at 2 liters, a turbo engine of the same volume and a hybrid version with a 2.5 liter gasoline engine. The average fuel consumption is about 7, 2 liters per 100 km for the NX 200 version, which has a gasoline aspirated. The dynamics of this version is not different – acceleration to “hundreds” – in 12, 3 seconds.

For engines with 150 hp one gearbox option is available in the configuration – a variator, the remaining power units are paired with a 6-speed automatic.

The basic NX configurations are richly equipped, but optionally also included: wooden interior trim, 4 all-round video cameras and a premium audio system.

The 200 t version has a turbo engine with direct injection, due to which the dynamics is significantly increased. This modification is paired with AWD all-wheel drive only..

In the hybrid version of 300 h, the lowest fuel consumption is 5, 4 liters. The crossover has acceleration to hundreds in 9, 3 seconds.

The minimum price for this model starts at around 1,750,000 rubles, and the exclusive version is 2,830,000 rubles.


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