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Lexus RX300

Lexus RX300 1

Without keyword

Lexus RX300. One of the malfunctions of the air suspension. Work practice

LEXUS RX300. Air suspension

Colleagues will understand me if I say this about a malfunction like this: “the car arrived reared, lifted up and does not rise,” – ☺

DTC indicates a solenoid problem (Exhaust Solenoid Valve, Scheme 1, below, arrow).

An attempt to troubleshoot a trouble code through a scanner failed.

Check Exhaust Solenoid Valve showed that its resistance corresponds to the operating parameters, about 10 ohms.

When connecting external power to Exhaust Solenoid Valve(Scheme 1, below) – the system works, the machine rises and falls (when power is applied, the valve opens, bleeds air and the body drops).

Lexus RX300 2

To understand the principle of operation \ control of the valve, instead of it I connected a 10-watt bulb (photos 1 and 2).

In this state, I tried to “extinguish” the error – “extinguished”, the malfunction “disappeared” from the memory. He concluded that “there is an increased transient resistance in the connector or circuit”.

Here, as usual, “night came”, tomorrow should deal with chains.

But other thoughts came over night. Including after studying the manual LEXUS RX330 / RX300 REPAIR MANUAL (RM1024E)

*** in the morning, additional measurements, experiments were carried out and here is what happened: IMHO – The suspension control unit detects a malfunction in the valve circuit by current (approximately not more than 2A and not less than 0.5A, the norm is from 1.2A to 0.8A).

When checking the valve circuit with a 10W bulb, I mistakenly took the resistance of the COLD (not lit) bulb for granted.

A 10-watt bulb at a temperature of plus 20 degrees Celsius has a resistance of about 2 ohms, which, according to Ohm’s law, is equal to 12 volts: 2 ohms = 6 Amps

However, when heated, the resistance of the filament metal increases and the real current flowing through the lamp is 0.8A.

Valve resistance is valid = 10 ohm, but before the first actuation. Then it became less than 2 ohms. It can be assumed, IMHO: the valve winding overheats after an indefinite number of operations, an interturn circuit occurs, and the computer determines the error by the current.


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