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Lexus RX400H

Lexus RX400H 1

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Box repair on Lexus RX400H or knock out of the box

Today our guest is this beautiful black Lexus from one of the most northern cities of our country.

Lexus RX400H 2

He came to us to repair the box..
The background of the arrival is as follows:
From time to time during dynamic acceleration of the car, extraneous sounds from under the car began to be heard. Moreover, the farther, the more: hearing them was unbearable (like metal knocks on metal) and the owner (let’s call him Dmitry) turned to one of the best car services in their city.
The conclusion of the diagnostics of this car service was as follows: “gearbox repair is required, since the knock comes from the box”.
From the way it was said, Dmitry realized that for some reason, the specialists were not very sure of their diagnosis. And he turned to the official Lexus service.
After the official diagnosis, the conclusion of an independent service was confirmed – the box needs to be repaired. The cost, which the officials announced for Dmitry’s box repair, is even scary to bring …
So Dmitry was in our hybrid service..

But we know perfectly well that in the hybrid box there is absolutely nothing to “knock”.
Therefore, the “repair box” begins with a complete diagnosis.
Diagnostics showed that the box, like the car itself, is in good shape. And the reason for “knocking out of the box” was easily installed – this is the bracket for attaching the intake manifold to the engine.
It is not clear who, when, and why unscrewed this bracket, but it was loosely screwed into place. And the mounting bolt, with which the bracket was attached to the engine, was unscrewed. First, the bracket knocked on the unscrewing bolt, and when the bolt completely fell out, the bracket of one of its faces “beat” the ICE.

In this photo you can see very clearly (circled in red) the regular place of attachment of this bracket and the place where the bracket “knocked” about the ICE.

Lexus RX400H 3

The entire repair of the box cost Dmitry the cost of diagnostics and the cost of one bolt.
Very big questions arise for those car services (including officials) who “diagnosed” the repair of the box. It smacks of a lot of elementary client money divorce …
Good luck on the road!

Gordeev Sergey Nikolaevich
© Legion Avtodata


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