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Lifan X80 2015

Lifan X80 2015 1

Lifan X80 2015

Lifan X80 2015 2

Lifan is a large Chinese private company specializing in the manufacture of cars, motorcycles, ATVs and plastic buses. Since 2005, this company began to replenish its car range. And already in 2015, she replenished her lineup with the handsome crossover Lifan X80. After all, the interest of domestic consumers is very high.

The features of this model are its design, dimensions, technical specifications, and, of course, price. This new product will take pride of place in the ratings among its Lifan brothers. Indeed, these models with increased cross-country ability are in great demand, especially on the difficult roads of Russia.

The expected debut of this car is coming soon. During the year, the Lifan X80 will appear on the Russian markets. To date, it has become known that a Chinese company is expanding its production by building the Lifan plant in the Lipetsk region, in which it is planned to manufacture and release nine more crossover models.

Show the latest crossover going to major car dealerships in Beijing or Europe. But still, his photographs have already conquered the Internet, even though they say that these photographs were taken by spies, but most people are sure that Lifan itself distributed them.

From spy photos we can assume

• What is the largest SUV of the entire Lifan line.

• The design of this machine will be significantly different from others..

• What, speaking of the salon, new design ideas were undertaken there.

About the technical features of new items

The Chinese company currently keeps secret the technical specifications of the Lifan X80 Crossover. It is only known that the price of this jeep will be the main characteristic for the consumer. But you can still predict its characteristics and features.

This model has the best engine from the X60 or an even newer development.

Most likely, the crossover Lifan X80 will receive a 2.4 – liter Mitsubishi engine.

The SUV will have low-cost trim levels and no frills.

Easy to operate with adequate dynamics.

Well, in addition, the jeep will have all-wheel drive and a good transmission.

We conclude

The Lifan X80 crossover is likely to become a popular model in its lineup. Lifan does not believe that it will earn a huge income on this model, but rather it will be a transition to a new stage in the production of better off-road vehicles.


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