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Luggage carriers for skis and snowboards

Luggage carriers for skis and snowboards 1

Luggage racks for skis and snowboards

But this is neither cold nor hot for us. Firstly, our magazine is not about pocket cars (although they have their own charm), and secondly, you need to go skiing and snowboarding with a big, fun company. Or a noisy, friendly family. In short, certainly not alone. So in the cabin of your car should be located people, not skis. And the inventory is supposed to be on the roof, in the trunks specially adapted for it.

The most common version of a ski carrier is two clips located on the crossbars of the trunk. They can be of different widths and can accommodate a correspondingly different number of skis and boards. The capacity of these products is measured in “ski pairs”. This refers to mountain, folded soles to each other. The most common sizes: two, four or six pairs of alpine skis. If you prefer to plow the slopes on the “boards”, then the number of places should be divided into two. It is also possible to “live together” when one (in a four-seater version) or two (in a six-seater) snowboard is added to two pairs of skis. Ski poles can also be mounted side by side.

Clips of small “capacity” can be installed on the edge, and then loading and unloading skis will not be difficult. True, to snap the mount, you still have to stand either on the door sill or on the wheel of the car. In addition, if the volume of the regular trunk is not very large, the space remaining on the roof will allow you to install a narrow box for luggage on the side of the ski mount.

More difficult with copies for four or six pairs of skis. Such models occupy a lot of places on the roof, and it’s difficult to lay skis alone – you need the help of a second person. But to facilitate this task, some companies make clamps, the working part of which moves sideways and hangs above the ground. Here you can handle the loading and unloading operations yourself.

Having clicked the mount, it is necessary to close it with a key. After all, the content (and sometimes not cheap) is open to the eyes of others, and who can vouch for their total honesty? And the lock will protect you from accidental opening of the mount on the way. If all the conditions are met, there is nothing to worry about. The skis are tightly pressed with rubber “lips”, the clip itself is securely screwed to the crossbars. Let’s hit the road! And here flaws come to light. More precisely, one drawback. It is almost invisible when traveling from the hotel to the slope or when traveling through the Alps. But if you are planning to drive at least a little along the Russian highway – say, from Moscow to Yakhroma, your skis are almost guaranteed to be covered with dirt from oncoming cars.

Pleasant not enough. Firstly, very sorry for the expensive, beautiful and sophisticated equipment. Secondly, to clean the skis – and especially the bindings – is not the most pleasant thing. Therefore, the best option is closed transportation. For this purpose, a plastic box is best suited. In the simplest case, the skis can simply be put inside and securely tied with fixing tapes to exclude all kinds of movements. Otherwise, friction can irreparably ruin expensive equipment. Boxing must be chosen long and wide to accommodate several snowboards or pairs of skis. Moreover, they must be fastened with at least three straps. When buying, pay attention to this! In most boxes, staples are provided for just two belts, and this amount cannot reliably pull the skis.

If you fool around with belts and learn how to rigger there is no desire, you can look for special inserts for transporting skis. They are mounted inside the box, the skis are laid on top of them and along the edges are pulled by straps to the “floor” of the trunk. Of course, such a mount is much more reliable. One bad luck: the useful volume of boxing is reduced significantly, so you should not expect that in addition to skis, the usual amount of luggage will fit into it. Although the space below and above the skis can be quite filled with small things.

So what, in the end, can be advised to a skier traveling to distant lands? Not a single mount can do without flaws. You just need to understand what you are willing to put up with.


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