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Maserati Ghibli Car Sedan

Maserati Ghibli Car Sedan 1

Maserati Ghibli sedan – sport in the “cube”

Maserati Ghibli Car Sedan 2

It is unknown to anyone at Maserati that the flagship Quattroporte model does not have enough sporting charisma. According to users, this is an energy generator, but when driving on the track can demonstrate rampant. Therefore, the company’s engineers introduced to the public a more balanced sedan – Ghibli.

A small footnote. The company already demonstrated cars with the same name earlier, so at different times two generations of the car were built. The third version was the 3200 GT coupe. But today we are talking about a completely new car, and not a coupe, but a sedan.

With this step, marketers decided to take the car out of a narrow consumer niche and put it on a par with the Mercedes-Benz C and BMW models. Thus, the company intended to increase its sales ratings. The highlight was to be the fact that for the first time Maserati engineers placed a diesel unit under the hood of a sedan.

The machine is certainly new, there is no doubt, as there is no doubt about which manufacturer it belongs to. The sedan got (by inheritance) banked rear pillars and a branded radiator grill, with a constant trident, and, to look more like its brothers, the ventilation system, three holes on the wings in front.

To betray the sedan as sporty as possible, the designers changed the lines of its body. As a base, the mid-size platform developed by Fiat was used, which, incidentally, was also aimed at by specialists from Alfa Romeo, in light of the construction of new models in the E segment. Ghibli cut not only the length (compared to the flagship), but also the wheel base , should increase the stability of the sedan when performing maneuvering at high speed.

In the basic configurations of the car, three power units are offered. This is a turbocharged V6, 330 forces, capable of giving the car acceleration to 100 km / h. in 5.5 seconds If it seems a little to someone – a forced version with two turbines, an analog of the Maserati Quattroporte engine, 410 forces, with a speed limiter of 285 km / h and an acceleration of 5 seconds. The “add-on” to this engine will be the all-wheel drive transmission Q4, with the distribution of the transmitted force. By the way, the Austrian four-wheel drive system is very similar (structurally) to a similar one in the BMW xDrive.

But experts were most interested in another technical aspect, the debut appearance of a diesel engine in a sedan. This, in general, is an extraordinary step for the Maserati, whose sports cars are traditionally distinguished by the noble roar of power plants. Engineers guarantee that the working qualities of the versions will not differ, thanks to the use of the ASS system. But, when driving in cruise mode, the diesel engine works much quieter than gasoline, and will not tire the driver and passengers on long trips. In a mixed cycle, generation with a diesel will ask for 6.3 liters per hundred kilometers. All engines of the sedan are equipped with an automatic transmission of 8 ranges, operating in 5 modes: Manual (Sport, Normal), Auto (Sport, Normal), and I.C.E, the latter is the most economical and, naturally, “lazy”.

The suspension uses branded aluminum damping elements with a Skyhook stiffener, which can be activated without leaving the cabin. In the database, the first Maserati Ghibli cars will be rear-wheel drive, with an internal combustion engine V6 330 forces, and in the future dealer versions with diesel engines are also expected.


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