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Mazda 2 car

Mazda 2 car 1

Mazda 2 – Champions League player

Mazda 2 car 2

In rare cases, the automobile business can be compared to a football championship, where brands are teams of rivals, they only compete in sales and new technologies. The manufacturer of any car is trustworthy when it wins both nationally and internationally, and the “players” receive awards and pleasant bonuses.

So the Mazda team thanks to luck and professionalism released the Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and Mazda CX-5, which earned a place in the big leagues. In Japan and Europe, the team’s achievements were marked by a number of awards, including the “car of 2014”, “Golden steering wheel”.

What’s new can be seen in Mazda 2?

Firstly, it has grown significantly and almost reached 4 m, adding 14 cm, so you can’t call it small anymore, but its compactness remained with it, which means it will remain maneuverable and convenient for narrow streets of a big city. Secondly, she has changed and outwardly. The radiator grill became wider, and the shape of the wings and hood became sharper. A certain aggressiveness appeared in appearance. Thirdly, the basic equipment already boasts LED lamps in the headlights. The car interior has absorbed all the best from previous models, while it differs in special minimalism, comfort and practicality. Everything is done here with care for the future owner..

Mazda 2 is a youth model, so the use of new technologies in it is simply necessary. It is they who give the model dynamism. So in this model appeared parking sensors, Head-Up Display, a warning system about the exit from the markup. On board there is also an infotainment system MZD multikomander with convenient and intuitive controls.

And most importantly for the team?

The behavior of the players on the field, so Mazda 2 was offered with 4 engine versions – 75 horsepower, gasoline with 115 “horses”, a 1.5-liter diesel version with 105 horsepower and a four-cylinder.

The peculiarity of this model is silent operation, steering acuity, instant shift and of course the consumption of 3.4 liters per 100 km declared by the manufacturer. All this can not but rejoice the future car owners.

Are there Mazda weaknesses?

If you go back to the analogy with a football team, then each player is difficult to detect, but still they are. In this car, large people will not be able to comfortably sit in the front seats, and it will be a bit cramped behind them, but in general the car is a worthy representative among hatchbacks.


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